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Zeus is a slot that really drives home simplicity. It doesn’t try to be overly complicated and this makes it a great game for beginners to try out. The visuals are nice and simple, but still provide some depth to the theme of the game. With 30 paylines there are a decent number of ways to win in place and the bonus features are very enjoyable. This is definitely a game that will instantly grab the attention of players, especially those who want an enjoyable and hassle free gaming experience.

Zeus is a game that’s based on the beliefs from Ancient Greece. While many call the stories of Greek Gods myths today, at the time they were completely believed. This theme is front and centre at every step when you’re playing. This does help to create some synergy with the game, as everything is connected to the overall theme.

  • Up to 100 free spins can be awarded at a time
  • Free spins can be retriggered
  • With 30 paylines wins come along quite often
  • Only one bonus feature included 

Zeus Symbols & Values

All of the symbols included in the Zeus slot machine stick closely to the lore behind the overall theme of the game. While it’s generally believed that Zeus isn’t a real deity, in Ancient Greece Zeus (1) was revered as a God. All of the symbols here make sure to respect this and it makes the game very faithful to the story of Zeus. As is expected, Zeus pays out the most in the game with Pegasus coming closely behind. The symbols are drawn in a realistic manner but with an exciting colour palette to help them to stand out.

The Pantheon is the wild symbol in this game, which also makes sure it sticks to the underlying theme. Zeus’s hand with a lightning bolt is the scatter symbol, which adds some excitement to proceedings. While it doesn’t award a payout like other scatters do, it does provide a large number of potential spins so it’s well worth it appearing. Here are the higher paying symbols included in the the Zeus slot:

The lower value symbols don’t follow the usual path that slots take. Instead of being based around cards, they are also Greek based symbols. They are as follows:

  • Harp
  • Vase
  • Gold Coin
  • Silver Coin
  • Wreath

Symbols can be stacked on the reels. This is more common during the free spins round, which makes it much more lucrative to players. The wild symbols can appear anywhere, so they can help to create new wins across the reels. The only symbol they can’t be combined with is the scatter symbol.

For a full breakdown of all the possible payouts in the Zeus slot then just take a look at the detailed paytable right here:

Symbol 2 on a Payline 3 on a Payline 4 on a Payline 5 on a Payline
0.20x 2.50x 10x 25x
2x 7.50x 20x
1.50x 5x 17.50x
1.50x 5x 17.50x
1x 5x 12.50x
1x 5x 12.50x
0.75x 3.75x 10x
0.75x 3.75x 10x
0.25x 2.50x 7.50x

Betting Options

The Zeus slot machine allows players to stake between 0.01 and 150.00. This is because the paylines can be customised to include between 1 and 30 on every spin. The coin size can also be set at between 0.01 and 5.00. So, with a single payline active and the lowest coin value the bet will be 0.01. With all paylines active and the highest coin value the bet will be 150.00.

Zeus allows players to use autoplay to carry out automatic spin. While this feature won’t be for everyone, it does make it easier to set a budget and specific number of spins without any possible deviations. For anyone who is using a bankroll management strategy, this will make it easier to implement and keep track of how many spins have been carried out so far.

Zeus Slot Game Bonus Features

There is just a single bonus round included in the Zeus slot machine. This is activated whenever at least 3 of the Zeus lightning bolt scatter symbols land on the reels. While 3 scatters does start up the bonus round, the more you are able to get the better things are for you. 3 scatters will give you 10 free spins to play. 4 scatters will give you 25 free spins to play. 5 scatters will give you 100 free spins to play. 

As you can see, 5 scatters awards a fantastic number of free spins. This can lead to a lot of wins and be very lucrative to players. The wins that are awarded during the free spins round are set at the same level as the base game. It means there are no multipliers in effect during the bonus spins round. However, this doesn’t mean that the bonus spins round doesn’t offer some improvements to the reels. 

During the bonus spins round there are stacked Zeus and wild symbols added to the reels. It means that the potential to create high paying wins is massively increased during this round. If you’re able to land the 100 free spins, then this could lead to a number of large payouts. 

It doesn’t end there either. If you manage to land 3 or more scatters again during the bonus round then more spins will be added to your total. It makes this one of the most exciting and enjoyable bonus rounds on the market. 

Zeus Device Compatibility

Zeus does allow players to enjoy it on mobile devices. This is something that players may have been worried about as it’s one of the older games on the market. However, WMS has worked hard to make sure it’s compatible with modern devices. It’s an important aspect as mobile play is extremely important in the modern world.

If you enjoy playing on mobile then you’re in for a treat. The Zeus slot is completely compatible with modern mobile phones and tablets.

WMS updated Zeus in 2018 so HTML5 has been used to make sure it works smoothly on mobiles. So despite the original release taking place in 2014 it has had a more recent update that makes sure that it is able to keep up with more modern releases.

Zeus Fixed Jackpot

Zeus doesn’t have a progressive jackpot (2) in place. These are linked jackpots as they are available at multiple online casinos. It uses a fixed jackpot instead of the progressive option. This does mean that the level of payout is lower than that of a progressive jackpot. However, the benefit to this is that players are instantly aware of how much is available to win at all times.

Linked Jackpots can potentially be won on several machines, but the trigger of a win on one machine necessarily precludes a win on another. Linked jackpots can be shared only within one venue (a local area) or shared across multiple venues (a wide area).

The top payout for the Zeus slot is awarded when players manage to completely fill up the reels with the Zeus symbol.

Zeus Visuals and Sound

Graphically Zeus manages to compete with the vast majority of games on the market. It uses realistic graphics which are perfect for the overall theme of the game. There are no animations on the symbols themselves, but the reels are animated when wins are created. Everything really looks great on the screen and they match up to the theme perfectly.

The sounds are also very good. While they’re not quite as obvious as the visuals, they still manage to stick to the overall theme of the game. The sounds for this game are definitely in line with the theme, but they take more of a backseat role.

As one of the older games on the market it would be understandable for the aesthetics here to be below par. However, Zeus still has a lot going for it. It might not blow your socks off like some more modern games, but you won’t be let down by the Zeus slot either.

Zeus Slot Strategy

Zeus, just like all video slots, uses a random number generator (3) to carry out the mathematical functions that create its gameplay. Because all of the numbers used are created randomly it does mean that there’s no way to set out a guaranteed winning strategy for the Zeus slot. While this may seem annoying, as all slots use random numbers it means that you won’t be at a disadvantage by choosing to play Zeus over any other slots.

Players are able to choose how many paylines are active on every spin. The number can be set between 1 and 30. This makes it easier for players to customise the game exactly as they see fit. As most players will understand, the more paylines that are active the better chance there is of creating a win. While having fewer paylines active can lower the total stake, you have to take into account that this will also lower the chances of creating a win.

The free spins round is the best chance of making bigger wins due to the sticky wilds. So this should be the main aim when playing the game.

Zeus RTP/Volatility

The Zeus slot has an RTP that’s set slightly below the market average. This is a little bit of a negative, although as it’s set at 95.2% it has to be noted that it’s not set below the market average by a lot. While the RTP value uses a very high number of spins to calculate it, you can work out essentially what it means. The value of 95.2% means that every time you wager 1,000 credits, you should get 952 back. Of course, as it’s an average it does mean that you can get below or above this amount depending on how the game plays for you.

Zeus has a medium volatility. This is generally the best way to play for beginner players. It means that wins come along pretty often but the wins also aren’t set at a very low level. It’s set in the middle for both frequency and win value, so is just right for players just starting out.

Although the RTP is set slightly below the market average, the bonus round and medium volatility make it great for beginner players to start out with.

What makes medium volatility games so good is that you don’t have to wait a long time for a win to come along. This makes the game more exciting and more engaging. That the win values tend to be a little bit higher also means that it still has some good value for players.

Beginner players will enjoy the Zeus slot due to the great combination of enjoyable bonus features and medium volatility.

There’s a maximum win of up to 500 times the players take when playing Zeus. This is set pretty much in line for a medium volatility game. However, the bonus spins round can provide multiple wins which when added together can exceed the 500 times your stake value.

Zeus Slot Game Tips

Because video slots use random number generation to decide on how the reels spin, it’s obvious that working out exactly how the reels will land before a spin isn’t possible. This can make it harder for players to create any kind of strategy that helps to make wins. However, there are still ways to help improve your chances of winning. We have put together our best selection of tips to help you when you play.

Use your Budget Sensibly

One of the main things that beginner players do when they first start playing slots is to increase their stake as high as they can and then blow their budget in 3 or 4 spins. This is one of the worst things you can do. The best prizes in video slots tend to be in the bonus games. So, if you want to get access to these wins you will need to get as many spins as possible to make it more likely the bonus round will be activated. Manage your budget so that you can get a good number of spins and you will instantly increase your chances of winning.

Walk Away at the Right Time

Many players keep going long after they should have walked away. If you have used up your budget or if nothing seems to be going right for you, then it’s time to walk away. Don’t keep playing long after it’s time to quit, you will just end up spending money you don’t have.

Try for Free First

Many video slots have demo versions on offer now. This means you can try the game out first before spending any real money. This will allow you to get a feel for the game and begin to understand when the bonus round is likely to be awarded. This will make it easier for you to set your budget when you do start to play with real money.

Overall Rating

Zeus might be one of the older slots on the market, but it still manages to provide plenty of fun and excitement. We have collated everything that we have found out about the Zeus slot so that you can easily grab an idea of if you should spend your time with this title.

Zeus is a very easy game to play. The stake is very easy to set, the autoplay is easy to use and the spin button is nice and big. On top of this the paylines can be customised and it’s mobile compatible. This gives it everything that players might need when it comes to a slot.

The feature in Zeus is excellent. It can award a massive number of spins to players and adds stacks of the highest paying symbols to make big wins more likely. The only real issue here is that it’s the only feature in the game. If there were a few more features it would really add to the excitement in the title.

In terms of payouts Zeus is pretty much in line with what’s expected from a video slot. There’s a win of up to 500 times the player stake available on each individual spin. In the free spins wins of this size can be won a number of times. For a medium volatility game this is exactly what you would expect.

Graphically Zeus looks fine. The symbols are all designed with realism in mind, although the colour palette does help it to stand out a little bit more than a natural palette would. They don’t stand out as much as some of the newer titles around but these are perfectly serviceable visuals that don’t let the game down. The sound is understated, but does match the theme perfectly.

Zeus is a game that grabs the attention of players right away. The theme is front and centre and it really does drive the narrative. The bonus round is one of the best around, who could turn their nose up at up to 100 free spins? It could do with another feature to increase excitement a little bit but on the whole this is a very enjoyable video slot. It’s well worth giving it a try and aiming to start the bonus spins.

Zeus FAQs

Where can I play the Zeus slot for free?

There is a free version of the Zeus slot available to play right here at MrGamez.com. Just load it up and you can start spinning the reels without spending any of your bankroll.

Can I play the Zeus slot machine for real money?

Yes you can. All you need to do is sign up to an online casino, make a deposit and start playing. Just take a look through our high quality casino reviews to find the right site for you to play at.

How quickly can I claim wins from the Zeus slot game?

This depends on the payment method you use and the casino you are playing at. Check the terms and conditions for your online casino and you will be able to find out how fast your winnings can be claimed.

When was the Zeus online slot released?

The Zeus slot machine was released in 2014. However, it did have an update in 2018 to bring it more in line with modern technology.


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