What Is RTP in Slot Game How To Calculate RTP In Slot Game

RTP in Slot games is measured based on tens of thousands of rounds or more. Players must bet long term if they want to get the correct RTP rate in the game.

What Is RTP ?

RTP stands for Return To Player, which is a term used to describe the percentage of all bets that a slot machine will return to a player.

For example, if a player bets on a Slot game with $100, the game’s RTP is 90%, then the player can receive rtp of $90.

Players should remember that the RTP and advantage of online casinos are calculated over a long period of time. If the player is only in the game for a short time, the RTP cannot be determined. So if a player wants to receive a worthy bet, the player just needs to prepare the right amount of bets to participate. Some professional players share that, if you prepare a lot of money to play a slot game, it can be easier to get the jackpot of that game.

In a word, RTP is the flip side of online casinos’ advantage. For example, Slot games have an casino advantage of 20%, the usual RTP is 80%. If timed, the Slot game holds about 20% of the total bets players participate in. This means that the player who wins will receive 80% of the bonus.

RTP’s Algorithm

To get the correct RTP rate, the player must be in the game for the long term. Because in Slot games, the RTP is up to tens of thousands of rounds or more.

For players who are really lucky, they can get a high RTP in a short bet period. However, this is not easy, if the player participates for a long time, the number of payouts will eventually be balanced.

How to Calculate RTP?

The calculation is simple as follows: the player chooses a game with an RTP rate of 93% when the player bets $100, if the player wins after a long time, the player gets $93.

However, do not forget that RTP is calculated if the player bets 100,000 rounds or more. Players who do not intend to play for a long time should not spend $100 just to get RTP $93 in their own game session.

Other Elements From RTP

Slot game volatility is represented by numbers from one to ten. The order from highest to lowest corresponds to the numbers. The player has a high probability of winning if the player’s slot game has low volatility. However, the winnings are not huge. In contrast, for Slot games with high volatility, large payouts, it is very difficult for players to encounter. In the end, the important thing still depends on the player’s choice. Players just need to be persistent and accumulate from playing times to receive valuable rewards.

Choosing a betting site is also very important. Basically the player’s bet amount is automatically entered into each system. Even if a certain slot game has the highest RTP, it takes 1-2% of the money for the website.

Online casinos and game manufacturers can only be responsible for RTp, other than that they are not responsible for disclosing game hits. Players when participating do not forget to review the terms and conditions, take into account the products mentioned earlier. The inhalation frequency will be represented by the frequency of the winning position. However, this number goes up to tens of thousands of spins similar to the percentage of RTP.


Players should care about the RTP index, but it is not all, RTP is just a part of the Slot game. To bring about winning results, players need a lot of luck, skill and practice. Many games like fish table gambling game online real money, will not charge the RTP rate, but are loved by many people. You can try it at fishtablesonline. Hopefully through this article, players understand more about RTP and make the right decisions!

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