What are the bestpaying Pragmatic Play slots

Pragmatic Play is becoming more and more visible in the gaming industry with successful slots such as Wolf Gold, The Dog House Megaways or Sweet Bonanza that head my top 10 most popular Pragmatic Play slots list.

Pragmatic Play slots have a good return to player, often better than the online casino industry average

Pragmatic Play is becoming more and more visible in the gaming industry with successful slots such as Wolf Gold, The Dog House Megaways or Sweet Bonanza that head my top 10 most popular Pragmatic Play slots list.

What also helps is that Pragmatic Play is pretty generous when it comes to payout percentages.

Most of their slots payout around 96.5%, which is just better than the average of the “market.”

The illustration below shows that Pragmatic Play slots have (most of the time) a better Return To Player than the average online slot RTP.

Most Pragmatic Play slots (the RTP’s of the Pragmatic Play slots are the red coloured dots) are well above the green coloured line, which is good news.

The average RTP of all online slots is around 96.2%.

So, which ones are the best paying ones? Let’s find out now!

The top 10 Pragmatic Play slots with the highest RTP in the base game

Below is the top 20 list (top 10 in bold) with Pragmatic play slots with the best Return to Player. I checked all Pragmatic Play slots up to May 2021.

The Catfather has the highest RTP of 98.1%. It is one of the highest-paying online slots we have seen. Gold Train also has an excellent payout rate, as well as Triple Tigers and 888 Gold. What’s also surprising (in a positive way) is that eight of the top 20 slots are 2020 or 2021-slots. These are mostly the slots of ReelKingdom, who work exclusively for Pragmatic Play.

Overall, Pragmatic Play has over 50 slots with an RTP of around 96.5% (which are just outside the top 10 but only slightly), and within these slots, several have high variance: Da Vinci’s Treasure, the Peking Luck slot and Pirate Gold.

Pragmatic Play – best-paying slots Year RTP
1. The Catfather 2016 98.10%
2. Triple Tigers 2017 97.52%
3. 888 Gold 2017 97.52%
4. Gold Train 2017 97.16%
5. Caishen’s Gold 2017 97.08%
6. Irish Charms 2017 96.96%
7. Diamonds are Forever 2017 96.96%
8. 888 Dragons 2017 96.84%
9. Wild Wild Riches 2020 96.77%
10. Eye of the Storm 2021 96.71%
11. Emerald King Rainbow Road 2021 96.71%
12. Big Bass Bonanza 2020 96.71%
13. Return of the Dead 2020 96.71%
14. Hot to Burn 2020 96.71%
15. Ultra Hold&Spin 2020 96.70%
16. Book of Kingdoms 2020 96.69%
17. Pixie Wings 2017 96.67%
18. Beowulf 2016 96.66%
19. Mighty Kong 2016 96.64%
20. Dwarven Gold 2015 96.64%

The 10 Pragmatic Play slots with the lowest RTP

Even though Pragmatic Play slots generally have a pretty good RTP, it is sadly not the case for all Pragmatic Play slots.

Below is a list of Pragmatic Play slots with a poor RTP, and there are some real stinkers here, with theoretical payout rates that are way below par.

And yes, it is also essential to know which slots you can better avoid.

You can see that some slots have a very poor Return to Player.

Hockey League (91.93%), Tales of Egypt (91.93%) and 7 Monkeys (92.71%) all have terrible RTP’s.

If you ever find yourself playing these slots, you may want to reconsider!

Pragmatic Play – worst-paying slots Year RTP
1. Hockey League 2016 91.93%
2. Tales of Egypt 2015 91.93%
3. 7 Monkeys 2016 92.71%
4. Glorious Rome 2015 94.11%
5. Hercules Son of Zeus 2016 95.19%
6. Lucky Dragons 2016 95.19%
7. Santa 2017 95.92%
8. 7 Piggies 2017 95.99%
9. Money Mouse 2020 96.00%
10. Lucky New Year 2018 96.00%

Why a higher RTP matters

The higher the RTP, the more you benefit as a player. Take, for example, a slot with an RTP is 96%. In that case,  your expected loss (on average) is $€4 after every $€100 you wagered. The expected loss is $€3, though, if the RTP is 97%.

Is the 1% difference so relevant? Yes, more than you think. You may have a starting balance of €100, but your total wager will easily be five times as much (€500) during a session.

Don’t forget, you often stake your winnings, as well.

  • If the RTP is 96%, your expected loss amount to: $€500 x 4% = € 20
  • If the RTP is 97%, you can expect to lose: $€500 x 3% = € 15

The difference is already more substantial.

And it will only become becomes larger and larger once you start to wager higher amounts.

The RTP differs from the volatility (or variance) of the slot. Variance says something about the variation of the sizes of wins.

High volatility slots pay more top prizes (but less often).

Low variance slots pay out smaller prizes more often. Thanks to the volatility of slots, it’s possible to win big with slots!

Conclusions – Most Pragmatic Play slots have a pretty good RTP, but not all of them

We conclude that most Pragmatic Play slots have a better RTP than the average RTP of 96.25%, the average RTP of 16 of the most well-known providers.

Catfather (RTP: 98.10%),  Triple Tigers (RTP: 97.52%), 888 Gold (RTP: 97.52%), Gold Train (RTP: 97.16%) and Caishen’s Gold (RTP: 97.08%) are the best-paying slots.

Play Pragmatic Play slots at these online casinos

If you are looking for Pragmatic Play slots with a high Return to Player or looking for cool Pragmatic Play slots to try, you can check out the reliable online casinos in our list below.

These online casinos offer you the chance to play real money casino games or play with practice money.

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