The best games like Coin Master on Switch and mobile

Looking for a blend of the rush from a slot machine, the social elements of Clash of Clans, and simulation? Fill your boots with the best games like Coin Master

Coin Master is a super addictive game. It blends the thrill you get from slots (without forcing you to spend actual money) with many elements from other mobile hits. It can be hard to pull yourself away from it, but what if you have? What if you’re looking for something new?

That’s where we can help, as there are countless games like Coin Master out there to become part of your new daily routine. Whether you’re looking for a daily city-builder, the quick fix of a slot machine, or a marvellous blend with everything in between, you’re sure to find it on our list.

Once you’ve got some games like Coin Master in your library, get some more recommendations from our lists of the best games like Pokémon or the best games like Zelda to find a new world to have an adventure in. Still, maybe all this talk of Coin Master has made you long to go back. If so, we’re here to help with Coin Master free spins, Coin Master free coins, and Coin Master free cards. Just one more round, right?

Anyway, let’s get right into the list.

Games like Coin Master

Dice Dreams

While Coin Master captures the thrill of a slot machine, Dice Dream is instead built around the fun of a dice roll. In this game, your goal is to rebuild and enhance the settlements of cute little creatures called Peons. Dice rolls will determine how much money you get, which resources you gain access to, and what will happen next.

In terms of presentation, the cute Peon characters are very endearing, and it can be a fun, vibrant game to unwind with after a hard day. It also has a strong social element, giving you the ability to add friends through Facebook, and letting you battle or rob the towns of other players. A lot of fun has been built around the concept of the dice roll, but then many of the most addictive games are based on a simple premise.

Play Dice Dreams for free.


If you came to Coin Master for the pig, then Atomicrops is the game for you. It tasks you with cultivating crops, but, as the name suggests, these aren’t any ordinary crops. They’re severely genetically modified, leading to wild and wacky farming. Then, head out into the wasteland and do some scavenging. After a while, you’re able to have a little herd of helpful animals, including pigs! And that’s why we all play Coin Master, right?

Dragon Quest XI

I can’t remember if Dragon Quest XI has any pigs, but I know for sure that it has a casino. And it’s one of the best virtual casinos ever in a videogame. Ok, sure, there are at least 20 hours of turn-based battling to get through before you get there, but let me tell you: Dragon Quest battles are amazing. It’s not really a game like Coin Master, but who knows, maybe you’ll like all the other stuff? And then you can enjoy the beachside casino resort with a taste for some JRPGs in the future.

Slime Rancher

If you really love the simulation elements of Coin Master, then Slime Rancher could fill that pig-shaped hole. As Beatrix LeBeau, you set off the Far Far Range to become a slime rancher, raising little slimes, and exploring the lands. If you give it a go, we can give you a hand with our guide to the Slime Rancher slimes. Take a look at that guide, see how cute the slimes are, and I’m sure you’ll be sold.

Island King

With the success of Coin Master comes some copycats, but that doesn’t mean they’re bad by any means. Island King is one such game, giving you the role of a ruler, you must decide how to build up your island with all the coins you gain. But what will you do next? If you want to you can be the most menacing pirate and raid other islands. Yo-ho, yo-ho a pirate’s life for… you? Either way, this is top of the list for games like Coin Master (don’t say copycat, don’t say copycat).

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Once you’re fed up with all the sneaking and stealing, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp might just be the break you need. It gives you all the town-building elements you need, and then just lets you enjoy the peace of it. Build up your camp, add personalised furniture, and make friends with the cute animals. It’s the best you can get without leaving your mobile phone.

Coin Boom

When you think about games like Coin Master, you think about coins. This is perfect, then. I mean, just look at the name! The spin on the formula here, however, is the high focus on theft. As you match up with your friends and send each other free spins and different bonuses, you can also sneak up on them and steal their coins.

That’s that, then, lots of games like Coin Master. Hopefully, you’ve found a new hook to check in on every day. If you need even more recommendations, we’ve got a list of the best idle games on mobile so you can keep gaming even when you’re away from the game.

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