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Many people know the famous caves of Frasassi in the Marche. These are impressive caves visited by many tourists during their holiday in the Marche or in Umbria.

Not many people know that also Umbria has some beautiful caves: the caves of Monte Cucco. The mountain ‘Monte Cucco’ is located in the natural park of Monte Cucco where in the valley are the villages of Fossato di Vico, Sigillo, Costacciaro and Scheggia. This is a beautiful area that is less known and has many opportunities for active holidaymakers.

We visited the caves, but you can also go hang gliding, trekking, canyoning, cycling, horseback riding and more. You can find a lot of information on the website of the park: Discover Monte Cucco.

For the more adventurous tourists the caves are well worth the effort. You need to be fit and healthy and will have to bring good walking shoes and warm clothing. After a walk uphill from about 2 km you arrive at the entrance to the caves where you enter via long and steep stairs descending into the caves. There is a constant temperature of 6 °C and the humidity is 90°.

It is a beautiful experience and impressive to quite literally walk in a mountain where also others left their traces throughout the centuries. There is an inscription found from the 15th century. Today one walks through the caves which are lit and where stairs and bridges are made to be able to pass the most difficult tracks, but at the time one only had a torch and ropes …

We did the “Discovery Trail”, but you can also walk a longer route and even have an introduction to caving. You will be accompanied by experienced guides and can make a reservation via the website:

The Discovery Trail you can do without a reservation. In June and September on Saturdays and Sundays and in July and August every day, at 10 am and at 3 pm. At the parking lot is a information kiosk from where a guide leaves for the caves. Also read the instructions on the cave’s web site underneath the price list.

We had problems to find the place, but in the end, it’s easy to find. About halfway the village of Sigillo is a road up the mountain. Somewhat hidden is a brown sign that points to the Monte Cucco. Go up the mountain and keep driving. If you’re near the top, there is a road to the right which you do not take but keep following the same road up and you’ll arrive at the parking lot.

Information running, biking and hiking trails in Umbria

We do not only rent apartments and villas from owners in Umbria, we also like to give information to everyone about things to do. This region has so much to offer. Besides visiting medieval villages like Assisi, Perugia, Montefalco, Spoleto, Orvieto you can also do a lot of sports. For example mountain biking in the green hills, hiking in the Monti Sibillini mountains, walking or running along the Trasimeno Lake …

Running is my favorite sport and in Umbria there are many running trails and races. I feel lucky living here, because running through this beautiful landscape is very relaxing. In the summer season it is quite warm. When you have plans to train in the summer I recommend you run early in the morning or late in the evening. During the day it is better to just relax by the pool …

I would like to share with you some of my running, walking and biking trails in Umbria and in Tuscany (I live in Umbria near the Tuscan border). Check it out and try.

Next week is a 9 km race in Montepulciano. August 10, 2014, 9 am. I hope to see you there?

Running Biking trail Montallese | Chiusi Tuscany | Umbria


Half marathon Terni

Half marathon 2015 in Terni : Sunday February 15


Halve marathon Florence

Half marathon 2015 in Florence: Sunday April 12


Gennaiola Assisi


Strasimeno half marathon

Ultra marathon, marathon, half marathon, 10k Strasimeno 2015: Sunday March 8


Pasta party!

Perugia-Assisi half marathon


My running track in Castiglione del Lago


Running track in Tuscany Montallese – Montepulciano



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Sibillini Mountains National Park

Sunday July 20 I joined a hiking tour with Alessio from Trekking in Umbria to the Mount Borghese (2145 m) and the Mount Porche (Mount Bellavista 2233 m) in the Monti Sibillini mountains. The views during this tour were stunning. Flowers were everywhere near  Castelluccio and the three valleys: Vallelunga, Vallinfante and Valle del Lago. At the top of the Mount Porche on the east side the panorama towards the “Blue Mountains” was just amazing!  This hiking tour is for experienced hikers only. For information: Have a look at some of the pictures I made: P1070274 P1070280 P1070270 P1070287 P1070321 P1070315 P1070316 P1070296 P1070314 P1070311 P1070308 P1070307 P1070303

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