Sweet Bonanza Slot Real Money

The RTP return percentage in the slot machine is 96.52%, which allows you to count on a long-term profit. This is a classic version of the video slot, since apples, plums, and watermelons are used as standard symbols. The fruit theme is considered a classic in the world of gambling and online entertainment.

Sweet Bonanza Online

The minimum amount of free spins is 10 units. With each subsequent drop in the free spins round, you can increase the number of free spins.

How to play Sweet Bonanza?

We have collected a guide on how to play the slot.

Playing the slot is very simple and pleasant. You just need to set the bet and select the slot machine launch mode. The slot machine has two game modes, manual and automatic. Manual mode allows you to bet and spin the wheel at the touch of a button. The automatic game mode allows you to relax as much as possible, and watch the process of the game while sitting in a chair, and watch how your winnings double.

I took screenshots of me playing Bonanza Sweet.

The bright Sweet Bonanza slot machine with sweet icons not only pleases the eye with an appetizing design, but also spurs the excitement with impressive prizes.
At first glance, the unusual Sweet Bonanza slot machine attracts with its bright design. A large number of bonus features in the Sweet Bonanza slot will captivate users who are not amazed by the colorful goodies on the screen. The RTP return percentage in the slot machine is 96.52%, which allows you to count on profit in the long term. The developers from Pragmatic tried to make the Sweet Bonanza slot machine not only spectacular, but also profitable.

How to win at Bonanza?

The gambling field with 30 icons is set against a landscape with waffle mountains, marshmallow roads and a milkshake river. Below this sweet splendor are the game control buttons. The round key with the crown starts the game. The increase or decrease buttons next to it open the bid settings panel. In the Sweet Bonanza slot, you can bet up to 10 coins, the value of which varies from 1 to 50 cents. The currency may be different, depending on the online club. The icon with three risks opens a window where you can enable quick spins, adjust the sound, the total bet, etc. The information section briefly describes the rules of the Licorice Bonanza slot and the payout table.

To calculate the winnings in the Sweet Bonanza slot, you need to multiply the bet and the coefficient of the resulting combination. On the screen there are such tasty icons:

Bananas from 5 to 40 beta
Blue Grapes from 8 to 80 beta
Watermelons from 10 to 100 beta
Round Plums from 16 to 160 beta
Red Apples from 20 to 200 beta
Blue Caramels from 30 to 240 beta
Green Caramels from 40 to 300 beta
Square Lollipops from 50 to 500 beta
Heart Shaped Sweets from 200 to 1000 beta

* the most expensive heart-shaped sweets – from 200 to 1000!

Sweet Bonanza Start Game

We are greeted by the pleasant music of the slot casino. Check the box “DON’T SHOW NEXT TIME”

Next, we get to the main screen of the slot, here you can turn off the sound, buy free spins, replenish the balance, and start the rotation of the slot machine.

We launch the slot, a few spins and get the first win in the Sweet Bonanaz game

We can increase the bet right in the game, for this you need to click “+” near the start of the slot machine.

This game has the ability to run auto mode. All you have to do is watch the rotation of the slots.

Winning at Sweet Bonanza slot. Can be won 150$ 250$ 550$

Sweet Bonanza slot bonuses and icons

In addition to the icons described above, the device has two icons with advanced functions. A large lollipop is used as a Scatter in the Sweet Bonanza slot. The winnings are given for 4-6 Scatters and range from 60 to 2,000 bets. After transferring the winnings to the player’s deposit, 10 free spins begin. An additional 5 free spins can be obtained for three large lollipops. During the free spins, a sugar bomb is introduced into the game. This multi-colored icon adds random multipliers from 2 to 100 and stays on the field until the end of the round. Relax with the appetizing Sweet Bonanza slot machine online and get solid winnings!

Characteristics of the slot machine

The Sweet Bonanza slot from the 2019 collection has a fairly standard number of reels. The slot has 6 spinning reels. The slot comes with 5 classic paylines as standard. The payout system is launched if the gambler manages to collect a certain number of identical pictures. The RTP, or return percentage, is 96.48%.

Main symbols of the slot

The first group of standard consists of Banana, Grape, Watermelon, Plum, Apple. The lowest multiplier for the Banana symbols is 2x, while the highest value for the Apple is 10x.
The second group includes Candy Boxes of different colors, namely Blue, Green, Purple and Red. And Red is considered one of the winning ones, because it has a 50x multiplier.
Special symbols
There is no Wilder (Wild) in the machine, but there is a Scatter (Scatter). Lollipop is chosen as a scatter, the appearance of which on the field will increase the winnings by 10 times. But you need to collect 6 images to get the amount of this size to the game account.
In addition to the Scatter, there is also a special one, presented in the form of a Sugar Bomb. One Sugar Bomb will be enough to form a winning combination. And this one drops out only in the bonus round – free spins.
Risk game/bonus game in Sweet Bonanza slot machine
The Sweet Bonanza slot has the Buy Feature function, which is launched automatically if a winning combination of 4 or more Lollipops, that is, Scatters, has been formed on the playing field. The minimum number of free spins is 10 units. With each subsequent drop of the free spins round, you can increase the number of free spins of the reels. With Double Chance and Tumble Feature, you can speed up the appearance of the Scatter on the playing field or replace the symbol on the reels once with the one that the user needs.

Where can you play sweet bonanza casino online

Sweet bonanza online casinos are gaining more and more popularity. As in classic casinos, online you can spend time no less exciting, in the most comfortable conditions. In addition, many online casinos offer generous bonuses, promotions and sweepstakes, which makes the game even more interesting.

The sweetbonanza.pro website provides detailed reviews of casinos operating with the sweet bonanza slot, betting online. Here you will find all the necessary information. Learn about the features of gaming sites, their advantages and disadvantages. We also collect actual promotional codes on our website and suggest what profitable casino bonuses are currently available and how you can get them.

Sites to Play Sweet Bonanza

Although there are various sites where you can play the Sweet Bonanza game, it is also known that there are sites that have just emerged, but have no infrastructure, with the aim of defrauding, apart from well-established betting sites. For this reason, it is useful to be careful when choosing the site where you will play the Sweet Bonanza slot game. You can bet with peace of mind at the sites listed below and withdraw your winnings quickly. You can find the Sweet Bonanza game by searching under the casino tab on the Casibom site, which is the best casino site in the first place among the sites we recommend.

Although it is not rooted after the Casibom site, the site that leaves no doubt with its awareness and reliability is the mobilebet site. After logging into Mobilbahis, you can find the Sweet Bonanza game by searching under the casino category. The casibom site, which is in the third place among the sites we will recommend to you, is now one of the most known and trusted sites. Another site we recommend is Cepbahis, which is a well-established casino roulette site . By choosing one of these betting sites that we have experienced and can recommend to you with peace of mind, you can play the Sweet Bonanza game, have fun and double your money.

Sweet Bonanza Tactic

Do not ask if there is a tactic in a slot game. It’s like honey. After all, as in all casino games, business luck is very important, but you can increase your chances of winning with a good sweet bonanza tactical knowledge. First of all, you want to win in this game, you definitely need to buy free spins. It is not possible to earn money and enjoy this game without getting a freepin. We explained above how to buy Free Spins. Buy an amount of free spins according to your budget and start the game. Remember, the higher the amount of free spins you buy, the more chance you will have to win.

In the game, you win a bonus if 7 of the same symbols (fruit, heart) appear. You can win again in the same spin with new symbols appearing instead of the same fruits. But more important than the fruits is the multiplier symbol. You multiply your winnings with these multipliers. Patience is the most important detail that comes to mind when you say sweet bonanza tactics. Spins 10 times on freespin. Even if you make a loss here, you have to be patient and continue. Keep getting free spins patiently before you get up and hit your whole house in one free spin. If you’re going to win and make a profit. After the snow has passed, you need to know how to leave it in the right place, which is the most important rule of gambling. This game is the most profitable game you can find on casino sites. If you’re patient, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t win.

Which casinos can i play Sweet Bonanza?

# Online Casino Freespin Play Game
1 Pin Up yes
2 1xbet yes
3 1 win yes

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