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Before we get started, note that Latvian players get to enjoy a variety of local jackpots, but network jackpots that cover multiple markets are unavailable at this time. To comply with local regulations, the playable jackpot slots will have a unique prize pool that is available only to Latvian players.Online jackpot slots can be split into two categories: fixed and progressive. Fixed jackpots offer a lump sum, predetermined by the game’s provider, which is usually awarded for landing a specific sequence of symbols. Progressive jackpot slots, on the other hand, are a whole new deal. Slots with progressive jackpots come in many forms, ranging from the biggest jackpot slots with prize pots that don’t drop for months at a time to daily and even hourly jackpots! Unlike jackpot slots that trigger randomly and can sit unclaimed for months, daily and hourly jackpots guarantee a drop within the specified time frame.How does one go about winning one of these jackpot prizes? There’s no key or secret to winning a jackpot, and the way they are awarded will differ from one game to another. In some slots, the jackpot may drop completely at random on any eligible spin. In others, like Divine Fortune, the jackpot is locked behind a special bonus round. Players who trigger the jackpot bonus are not guaranteed to walk away as winners, think of it as an extra step!


Progressive jackpot slots feature a prize pot which grows over the time. When a player wagers real money on the slot, a percentage of that bet will be added to the jackpot total. The more players wager on the game, the larger the jackpot will become! Due to the nature of the game, these jackpot slots tend to accumulate larger jackpots, but keep in mind that the chances of winning them are very low.

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