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According to gambling statistics, approximately 26% of the world’s population practice gambling. These stats aren’t really surprising since people have been gambling since time immemorial. What might differ is the motivation behind it. Some gamble as a way to escape from their problems while others do so out of sheer boredom. And then there are those who’ll be trying to score a quick buck.

Whatever the case, social or controlled gambling can be a source of entertainment and is often viewed as a recreational activity. If you’re new to the world of gambling, know that gambling is categorized into different sectors. Anonymous betting, casino, lotteries and gaming machines are just some of the examples.

But our topic of interest is between two popular forms of gambling: casino and sports betting. Are you thinking of taking up recreational gambling but not sure which one to go with between the two? In this article we discuss all you need to know about casino gambling and sports betting, what they entail, their differences. Ultimately you can decide for yourself which is better.

What is Casino Gambling and Sports Betting?

We’ll start off by explaining what exactly the two gambling disciplines entail so that you get a better understanding of the topic. We’ve established that both are forms of gambling. Also, the chances of winning in both casino gambling and sports betting are similarly stacked against bettors. But that’s pretty much as far as the similarities go.

With casino gambling, the house or establishment uses a mathematical formula against punters who are wagering for a win. However, with sports betting, punters gamble against each other by wagering on the item in question, be it a team or horse. And the odds of winning are determined by the total sum of money that’s bet on each item.

Both casino gambling and sports betting are very popular. But sports betting has been rapidly rising in popularity over the years. The reason for its popularity is probably attributed to the establishing of more racing tracks and increased televised broadcasting of sporting events.

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