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If you are someone who frequently seeks out and plays slot games that are based around historical, fantastical or wild themes, then this is really a no-brainer. This new online slot takes you far into the past, where you play as a dashing and elite shinobi, a Ninja, an assassin for hire who is capable of killing with blades, poisons, and knives without leaving a trace.

But most importantly, it is a very high-paying career choice, and that particular aspect of life as a ninja was very successfully transferred into the gameplay of Ninja Star by RTG. If the thought of living your life and making your fortune in the shadows of Edo Castle at the height of feudal Japanese society appeals to you, you need to try a free Ninja Star video slot today.

A Unique Opportunity

Even if you are simply a player who wants to rack up as many coins as they can before they cash out, Ninja Star provides a unique opportunity to really accrue massive prizes, using the game’s two jackpot systems, ample amount of Bonus rewards, and more. So, no matter if you are a casual player who simply enjoys the theme that the Ninja Star slot explores throughout its gameplay, or if you are a hardcore player looking through an online casino for the next slot you are going to master, Ninja Star promises a fun and challenging slot experience that you will remember for a long time to come. You can bet between 0.25 and 6.25.

Riches in the Shadows

When a player first decides to experience Ninja Star for the first time, they will be struck by all of the pride and craftsmanship that went into creating an immersive experience for the player. There are a lot of dark colours, mirroring the shadows that Ninjas would often cling to when they were executing their missions for the highest bidder. Using the game’s eye catching and fantastic 3D graphics, you will be drawn in to not only the background, but also to the reels themselves. The background is a traditional Japanese house, covered in darkness by the night. The reels themselves take on a slightly lighter shade of blue.

On these reels, you will find various custom, specially crafted symbols that you will not find anywhere else. Many of them are various Japanese hieroglyphics, drawn out expertly by brush strokes. There are also some ceremonial pieces of decoration that you could find in many Japanese homes, emphasizing the importance that was placed on ritual in society during Japan’s Feudal ages. You will also find the Katana, a weapon that is famous all across the world for its quality, and the skill required by Japanese blacksmiths to forge one. You will come across all of these symbols and more while you play this game, and each of them could help you in their own way.

Wisdom and Fortune

While there are various smaller prizes to get, including the ever-valuable free spins, there are really two symbols in particular you will want to look out for. The first is the elite and dangerous Ninja. When you see his striking visage appear on your reels, he will act as a substitute symbols, replacing all of the lesser symbols with ones that will earn you many, many more coins. However, there is one symbol that the skilled Ninja cannot defeat. This is the Ninja Star, the very thing for which the game was named.

When one of these lethal tools flies across your reels, it will act as a scatter symbol and a multiplier, serving to multiply any of the winnings you currently had on the board. As such, this can really help you to rack up the huge bonuses and winnings that you are undoubtedly looking for. Ninja Star also has a Major Jackpot and a Minor Jackpot, both are progressive and can give a huge boost to your stash of coins whenever you manage to get one.

Blood and Gold

Understandably, you may grow tired of the same game if you have played it for hours on end, or if you feel that you have gotten everything you can out of it. If so, it may be time to move on to a new experience. Although, when you win so much with one system, you may be hesitant to abandon that system to move on to something new. If that is the case, allow me to introduce to you two new game that function similarly to Ninja Star, but still provide a new experience.

The two games you will want to try are Fae Legend Warrior and Fluffy Favourites. While these games may sound childish or unappealing on the surface, do not judge a book by its cover. Upon closer inspection, these turn out to be incredibly fun and innovative games made by Eyecon and GlobalCom, two companies that are well-known in their industry for providing amazing gaming experiences.

Keep it Secret

No matter what draws you to this game, be it a love of history in general or Japanese history in particular, or if you just want to hop onto the game, try out a new strategy to grab as many coins as you can carry, and then withdraw, this game has an aspect that will appeal to you. So, do not wait! Go online and look up a free Ninja Star slot today and you can get started on your career as a fearless assassin for hire, making your fortune in the darkest, shadow filled corners of Feudal Japan. Fortune often favours the bold, and so does this slot game, so do not be afraid to take risk with your coins in order to get that massive pay-off.

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