Lightning Link Slot Machines Review Best Real Money Casinos at Canada

If you watch out for new, exciting releases in the online slots industry, you would have heard of Lightning Link slots launched in 2015. The online slot machine game was launched with some special features and inviting bonuses. These special packages may be the luck you’ve been waiting for, to cart away multiple winnings with just a little deposit and smile to the bank. Let’s show you how.

Many people can’t seem to get enough of the progressive jackpots. Are you thinking of trying your luck with Aristocrat Lightning Link? Note that you can’t play Lightning Link slots online free, but you can download the app on Google Play.

You might want to know more about what makes this slot outstanding before you play Lightning Link slots online. We have explained what you need to know in this review.

What are Lightning Link Features and Bonuses?

Lightning Link is a unique game with multi-format jackpot offerings and incredible bonuses. The gaming machine started with just four themes but has since then expanded to 16 themes.

This review will guide you and end your search for the best gambling platform to stake and win. We have also examined some bonuses that you can enjoy on the platform.

Lightning Link Progressive Jackpots for More Wins

Lightning Link progressive jackpot functionality is one of the primary reasons for its popularity. Here’s how it works: the longer you play or the higher the number of players, the easier it gets for you to win.

The jackpot keeps increasing as long as you are still playing. This feature of Lightning Link slots increases your chances of winning as long as you use the right strategy.

One Game, Different Exciting Themes

There is truly only one game on Lightning Link but with different themes and their aesthetics. The first four themes installed were Happy Lantern, Sahara Gold, Magic Pearl, and High Stakes.

Each theme has five reels, different icons, free spins, bonus rounds, and 25/50 pay lines. All players have to do is match icons to win. Each theme also has its high-paying symbols, but the bonus features are the same.

Bet in your Price Range – Big or Small

Scot Live, the designer of Lightning Link slots online, made the games to accommodate all types of players, from high-rollers to safe betters. You can wager as little as ten coins per line, or go as high as $50 on one spin.

The maximum bet you can make on a 50-payline is 500 credits, and 250 credits on a 25-payline. Regardless of the wager denomination, the jackpot prize remains the same. The four tiers are Grand, Major, Mini, and Micro.

Lightning Link Numerous Bonuses

There are loads of bonuses to be won on when playing Lightning Link slots online or offline. The bonus could either multiply your reward or give you access to any of the two bonus games. Your bonus could also trigger a mini jackpot.

The two bonus games are Hold and Spin and Mega Symbols. Six pearls in any position trigger Hold and Spin. You can play Mega Symbols when you have three scatter symbols on your screen. Both games will help you win more.

How to Play Lightning Link Slot Machine?

Lightning Link Slot Machine can be played at land-based casinos. However, the most popular option is to play Lightning Link Aristocrat online. For online play, you have the option of playing at an online casino or downloading the Lightning Link slots app on your Android or iPhone.

Once you have decided where to play, the next thing is to choose which theme you want. You can play them progressively as they appear or pick the appealing ones. You enjoy the games for real money or free fun.

Your fun can start once you have made your choices. You can feel the thrill of Vegas or take a spin in the Sahara with Lightning Link themes. Now, you know how to play, but you also need to know how to win.

Winning Combinations

Winning with Lightning Link is incredibly easy. Like other online slots , you win by matching three or more symbols from left to right. The symbols may differ based on the theme, but the idea is the same. The only consistent characters are the bonus features.

Lightning Link Free Coins & Free Spins

One of the bonuses is the free coins, which equate free spins. The coin could be a pearl based on the theme you play. The number of spins you get will be written on the coin or pearl. You should note that the unlocked coins remain place while the reel keeps spinning.

You can play on social media with Lightning Link free coins. Do not fall the scams online that you can get these free coins with cheat codes. There are no cheat codes! You can use the coins to access social games like Heart Throb and Tiki Fire. You can’t use these coins to play Lightning Link slots online for real money in Canada or anywhere for that matter.

Play to Win with Lightning Link slots

Are you ready to play Lightning Link slots online free? Do not delay any longer. You can play at any online casino or download it on your mobile phone. From our review, you can see that Lightning Link is a simple, fun game for anyone at any time. You can also play for real money and smile to the bank as you have fun!

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