La Bruja Fortuna Slot Machine Game to Play Free

This exciting theme is all about magic, witches and fortune telling. The catchy sound of La Bruja Fortuna will whisk you away on an adventure. As MGA are Spanish developers, they do release their games in English too. The background of the slot is also very high quality, included in the graphics, the candles and black cats along the side will guide you into the forest cave that is also the layout of the three reels traditional slot machine.

In the Cave

The symbols in the casino slot are very generic, with lemons, strawberries, gems and bells, however, the powerful symbols like the bonus and stopped are on par with the witchy theme. The features of this traditional slot are bonus symbols, Wild symbol and Stopped Symbol. The Spanish voices make it sound like something out of this world when you play La Bruja Fortuna slot machine online.

  • Wild symbols: The wild symbols are related to the theme and are in this instance it the spell book. The powers of the wild symbol are that it can take the place of any of the other symbols such as the Bonus and Stopped symbols.
  • Bonus Symbols: The purple hat is the bonus symbol, and you will need to collect them until you have enough for the bonus round. This will unlock a whole new screen with another set of reels, and this will allow you to win many different prizes.
  • Stopped Symbol: Three of the lovely shiny crystal balls will transport you away into the land of magic, where you will be able to pick your prizes. Behind them will be up to 100 tokens up for grabs when you have a free play game.

La Bruja Fortuna casino slot online is available to play in three different modes 5, 15 or 25, this means your total minimum stake will be 1.0 and the maximum will be 5.0.

Working the Magic

In casinos online, you are able to win up to €1000. The credits on the maximum play will include the following:

  • Three Gems will give you up to 10 credits and the yellow plums up to 20 credits.
  • Looking at the higher ranks, you have the green gems starting at 40 on lowest bet and 200 on highest.
  • The red gems are flashy with up to 1000 credits to win.
  • The value for the most money when you play La Bruja Fortuna for real money is the blue gems; they will win you jackpots of up to 5000 credits.

Be sure to keep your eyes open for those bonus symbols and try to collect as much as possible. Try your luck when picking the magic prizes for the crystal balls and you might be able to tell the future.

Players can expect an average win as the RTP is currently standing at 90%. Work your magic and look out for the special characters as you will be able to walk away with big wins.

The interesting theme, with the excellent graphics, will ensure you are taken high up in the sky on the magic broom, stopping at the beginning of the misty cave. Inside the cave you will be looking for the magic hat and the book of spells, they will help you win as many bonuses as you possibly can. The three betting stages will give you the flexibility to suit your budget needs. The blue gems are the most valuable symbol so be sure not to miss any of them. If you have nothing else to do, light up the candles and request the black cats to show you your way around the three reels traditional slot machine.

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