How To Mine Pandacoin With Your PC In 5 Easy Steps

An associate of mine sent me the basic instructions on how to mine Pandacoin (cryptocurrency) with my PC. Below is what he sent me.

UPDATE: June 2017 – Most of the links/URL’s noted in this article (originally written in 2014) are no longer working.  Pandacoin is still around, but things have changed.

Visit: for the latest information of what is going on with this interesting cryptocurrency.

Cryptolix hopes to have additional new and updated information about Pandacoin soon.

Our original article from 2014 continues below.


Mining Pandacoin With A Desktop Computer

  1. Download Pandaminer mining software

  2. Copy Pandacoin Address
  3. Paste into Pandaminer
  4. Set intensity to 11 to make sure
  5. Hit Start

Mining Software?

Great!  That looks easy enough.  Now I have to figure out the official Pandaminer mining software site – so I can download it.  (here’s a link to the official Pandaminer download page that I found:  )

Copy Pandacoin Address?

What address is he talking about?  I soon figured out it was my Pandacoin Wallet address – also known as my PANDABANK.  You are going to need a place to keep all of those Pandacoins you are mining with your computer after all.  Here’s the link to download a Pandacoin Wallet (PANDABANK)  onto your PC:

I later found out that I could use any Pandacoin wallet address – even one from one of my cryptocurrency exchange trading accounts.

Do Not use your exchange’s wallets as a general rule though – in this case the Pandacoin miner does work with the Bleutrade exchange, but other exchanges have rules about mining coins directly into their/your wallets so you’ll need to see them for details.

It’s Really That Easy?

It really is that easy – and Pandacoin has a fantastic and growing community of users, miners, traders, etc.  You can buy and sell Pandacoin on Bittrex and Bleutrade.  Probably other exchanges too, but I have not looked.

It Can Be Even Easier

You don’t even have to go through all of the above – Pandacoin gives you the option to mine Pandacoins right in your internet browser – how cool is that?

Check it out:

I’m sure that I won’t “mine” nearly as many coins with my browser, but see below- I took a screen shot of my progress after just a few minutes of “browser mining Pandacoin”.

Didn’t Pandacoin Die?

The original Pandacoin had some problems just like most every alt coin out there has had, but it has been resurrected and is doing fine. Here’s a link to the official Twitter page for PANDACOIN:

Here’s a link to the entire 300+ page thread where you can read everything the coin has gone through and what people are saying about it right now. It’s amazing how many times it was declared “dead” and a “scam” by the coin’s detractors:

And some other news about Pandacoin.

You Are A Miner Now

I haven’t been into “mining” in the past – but my first experience hasn’t been a total disaster so far.

I know there is A LOT to learn – how to do it right – the right (and fastest?) rigs – hashrates – and more.  That’s probably why I haven’t gotten into it (much) yet, but if I can see the benefits of doing it, and I don’t end up pulling (the rest of) my hair out along the way perhaps it can become a profitable hobby.

All the best,

Jack Folsgood

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