How to cheat online casino by Netent 2022

Crooks who manage online casino hack is one of the biggest nightmares of online casinos. There are several ways of cheating casinos. In this article, we are going to talk about a group of researchers (players), and we will briefly touch on the other groups of players who manage to cheat the casino. Also, I would like to explain the requirements of the gambling houses on account verification and ID confirmation.

Are you wondering how to hack a gambling website in order to receive winnings on a regular basis? Let’s disappoint because there is no effective and only correct way. You can only try different strategies, but nobody gives a 100% result. Some users devote their whole lives to finding a solution to the issue, but they never find it.

Casinos keep their databases carefully. First, let’s figure out how the process of protecting information from fraudulent activities takes place, and also learn about all the nuances.

Characteristic Peculiarities
Personal Information All customer information is protected by reliable technologies. It is important for casino operators to maintain the privacy of their punters. The database is regularly checked to prevent the client from having a multi-account.
Payment Instruments All payments go through the servers of financial companies, while the administration uses the most reliable tools to keep them safe from hacking.
Games Pokies and other gambling games are hosted on the developers’ servers. Hacking such servers is almost impossible as ISPs use the latest technologies to protect them.

Hacking an online casino is impossible without training and knowledge. Only competent specialists can find bugs. But casino software developers regularly test their software. If a bug is found, it is immediately eliminated, so you should not hope for luck.

So, let’s try to roughly classify the punters who want to win at the casino in a not entirely honest way:

  • Bonus hunters. For this punters’ group, we have a separate article that perfectly reveals the essence of such a strategy. Know more about bonus hunters.
  • Punters who clone their accounts to get additional first deposit bonuses.
  • Punters who want to win at the casino without any deposits. They are looking for no deposit bonuses and register an infinite number of accounts to get them in unlimited quantities.
  • Researchers. This includes the whole team of the The purpose of their job is to test, analyze and learn how to cheat online casino pokies, to identify the features, the similar factors and the errors of the programmers, thus getting an advantage over other punters. Probably, most casinos don’t like us because we generously share our findings with visitors to our site.
  • Hackers are programmers, who are trying to find a vulnerability in the system of the online casino cheat software and get a rare advantage by interfering in the programming part. Net Entertainment has a high degree of security, but low-grade soft could well become the target of hacker attacks.
  • Carders. The frank crooks who steal credit and debit card data and passwords from payment systems. Usually, such hackers choose the houses with quick payments, because it is important to complete the act of fraud before the victim discovers the loss. By the way, for such activities in the virtual space, the person can get to jail.
  • Punters are colluding in a live casino. This way, they get and play free bonuses on the main accounts. Learn more about collusion in a casino.

As we said earlier, the casino cannot afford to let all the players win constantly. A casino is a business that should make a profit. So gambling houses constantly identify cheaters, patch the holes in the security systems, and fix the online casino cheat software bugs, and players, in turn, find new ways about how to hack online casino rules. It turns out a kind of casino war.

Hacking online casino software is difficult since the administration and employees regularly monitor all data on the interference. Among the known ways to combat fraudulent activities are:

Fraudulent activities Way to fight Consequences for the player
Multi-accounts The software is configured to regularly track duplicate email account information. They also track the IP addresses from which clients come. The rules state that only one client can play at one address. Account blocking and confiscation of all funds in the account.
Manipulations with payment instruments The conditions for payment transactions are clearly spelt out in the casino rules. You cannot withdraw funds to an unverified account or card. Account blocking and confiscation of all funds in the account.
Verification against someone else’s documents The administration verifies all personal data of the punter. If there is a suspicion that the client is using someone else’s documents, he may be asked to take a selfie with a passport. Account blocking and confiscation of all funds in the account.
Suspicious actions with bonuses Casinos are actively fighting bonus hunters who use promotions as earnings. Account blocking and confiscation of all funds in the account.
Suspicious activity with casino games If the punter starts winning large sums on one of the pokies, the administration reserves the right to conduct checks. Account blocking and confiscation of all funds in the account.

Let me tell you about my experience in stealing casino money in a relatively honest way. Not too long ago, the following method of cheating casinos was extremely popular:

  • Select the house that issues the most significant first deposit bonus, absolutely no matter what wager requirements. It is essential was to get the maximum amount of free money and a higher percentage so that the amount of money risked from your pocket could be lower. I was able to find offers of 150%, up to 600 Euros. By the way, this casino no longer exists. I am not the only one who used this method of online casino hack, and their money ran out fast.
  • So, register an account and deposit to get the maximum amount of bonus. In our case, it is 400 Euros. After making the deposit and getting the bonus, we have 1000 Euros available to be played.
  • You should verify your account such that you lower the chances of a casino declining the withdrawals, or you can choose a casino that doesn’t require verification: How to find the casinos that do not require account verification and ID confirmation.
  • Choose the games with high dispersion, test them using the free mode. You can find more information about the testing recommendations on the next page: How to choose the generous slot machine?
  • It is crucial to choose the slots with bonus rounds, free spins and multipliers. The games that immediately release the payments are not for us. You are going to understand why.
  • Then start a game on average bets. If there are 1000 Euros, we can afford to bet at a 10-15 Euros rate. Provided that we previously tested the machines. If we are lazy or don’t have the time, or we don’t know how to do it, play at rates of 5-7.5 Euros. Avoiding those slots that don’t want us to play, but only collect our money is very advisable.
  • Our task is to get the bonus games. Net Entertainment software is configured in such a way that you can resume your bonus game even after the game is closed. It will be activated the next time you launch this game. Do you understand what I am talking about?
  • We are moving from one slot to another, winning bonus games and closing them right before they start. Thus, we lose all the money, including bonuses. Once we have 0 (not even several cents) on our account balance, we remove the bonus. You can do it in “My account”. Then take a break.
  • Now our task is to make the bonus games winnings unnoticed. Deposit 100-200 Euros, check that we do not have any automatic bonus offers from the past, as we do not need any wagering requirements for our winnings. So, we made a deposit, and we have 200 Euros without any restrictions. Start the game at the lowest rate of 1 Euro at slots, where we have no pending bonus games. Again, you can test the slots in free mode and win some money without resorting to cheating.
  • The statistics of your games are given to casino workers in the form of a list, in which they can filter the winnings and bets. Our task is to raise the rates gently. Ideally, the last few bets can be placed at the same denomination, which we have the pending bonus spins.
  • When we have reached the necessary number of spins (500-1000 will be enough), run one of the slots, where we have the frozen bonus game. Our account balance will go up dramatically. It is advisable to combine the games at different rates and different machines so that the bets statistics does not draw attention. Playing this way and activating the pending games, we raise our account balance to a few thousand Euros and request the payment. Once we receive the money on our payment system, consider the task as completed and count your profits.
  • In a good month, you can easily make 5-10 thousand Euros, using a similar scheme of cheating casinos.
  • A lot of players began to use this strategy in the past few years, and the casino rules were changed accordingly to prohibit such actions. The penalty about how to cheat online slots is severe — closed account and balance confiscation.
  • There are plenty of ways about how to hack online gambling sites, but the rules forbid it. I, therefore, see no reason to post them, and the only advice I can give is: watch, test, compare and act.
  • Believe that there are many working methods on how to cheat the casino. I see no reason to post them here, and rules forbid it. Here it is advice: watch, test and act. Especially that, the developer gives you the ability to do this with a positive mathematical expectation: How to get a positive mathematical expectation at a casino.
  • Playing with a positive mathematical expectation, you will win money over time.

First of all, the account verification and ID confirmation are aimed, at creating additional obstacles to players who create multiple accounts using different registration data. While the Russian casinos have already understood the ineffectiveness of such requirements, the Western partners still require a standard package of documents. Our casinos need a photo of your face next to your ID. So cheating online casinos becomes much more difficult. But!

Again, let me tell you about the experience of one of our testers, who started a truly ambitious activity of cheating the online casinos, thus earning money. He placed an ad about recruitment in a local newspaper. At the interview, you had to bring a photocopy of your ID, and then you were asked to fill out a questionnaire and wait for a callback, in case you’re eligible.

Using those photocopies, he created accounts at casinos, this way getting $50 no deposit bonuses. Then he was losing each bonus, placing five bets, and was repeating the same scheme. When the slot gave out a big win, he was playing the wagering requirements using the bonuses and withdrawing the winnings on a particular payment system.

Because he was changing his IP using a VPN service, and the MAC address using the virtual windows, the casino has no formal pretext to close his account. As a result, he earned about 30 thousand dollars within ten days, after which the casino cancelled the no deposit bonus program. According to him, even if it were a Russian casino, it would not be a problem to take pictures of candidates, and then put their faces next to the ID using Photoshop.

Even if the bonus program is disabled in the country where you live, it is easy to select the IP address of the country in which the program works, and register an account. But this option would require providing the documents from that country. Fearing that players will apply such online casino cheats, the casinos close their bonus programs for players from certain countries.

  • Does it make sense to break the rules and online casino cheats if there are legal ways to get a positive mathematical expectation?
  • Cheating the casino is always a risk to get a ban and confiscation of balanced funds.
  • Net Entertainment offers you a chance to get huge wins honestly. If the operators do not cheat the players, should the players learn how to hack casino games online?
  • Bonus hunting is not officially prohibited.

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Now you know how to cheat the casino, but is it worth it? We hope that this information will help you avoid scammers and increase your chances of an honest win.

Our team knows many strategies to get a positive mathematical expectation. Do not rely on various programs that sell on the Internet for a lot of money. Better to try to make a deposit at a reliable casino and play by the rules.

Is it possible to cheat an online casino?

Even if you are not a hacker or an experienced crook, knowing a certain strategy will help you to win more than you have expected. There are different ways to do it. However, you need to remember that online casinos nowadays also know about all these methods. So, if you are caught red-handed, your account will be banned and you can lose much more money rather than win it.

Bonus hunting is very popular these days. It involves a group of players who are waiting for the online casinos’ bonuses that are the most generous ones among others. Bonus hunters are looking for an opportunity to meet all the wagering requirements for a certain bonus and to win real money with it. To do it safely, they register accounts in numerous online casinos. Then, a special bonus hunting formula is developed and the result may be amazing.

Is it possible to cheat an online casino by playing without any deposits?

Yes, some players do that by looking for no deposit offers in different online casinos. To do that, they register numerous accounts to get as many bonuses as possible. And they can win real money for these no deposit free options.

Is it worth playing in the casinos that do not need account verification or ID confirmation?

You can find such casinos online. Though using them is not recommended for certain reasons. The first one is that you will not feel secure playing there because, instead of your prize, you can always receive the sign ‘Error 404’. Moreover, online casinos without verification let their clients withdraw money instantly, practically, within 15 minutes. The crooks that are called carders hunt for such houses that provide quick payments. They believe that it is easier to do the act of fraud fast when the victim cannot discover this loss.

This means creating numerous accounts for one person who uses different personal data during the registration process. That is why most online casinos will require your photo instead of a settled package of documents to verify your ID.

How to bypass the ID confirmation?

The only way to do it is to collect the real photos of different people that you can use for creating multiple accounts. For example, sometimes, cheaters place ads in the local media about recruitment to a certain position. When people come for an interview, they bring photocopies of their IDs and photos. Moreover, they are asked to fill out some questionnaires. The recruiter certainly disappears in a while, and he uses all this information for creating accounts in online casinos.

What to do if a bonus program from an online casino is disabled in your country?

Just use the IP address of the device location where this program is allowed with the help of a VPN service, or, if it is a MAC address, use a virtual window. However, many casinos know about these options for cheating, so they will demand from you provide the documents from the country of your presupposed dwelling. That can lead to the ban of your account or closing all the bonus programs for you.

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