Hong Kong Tower Slot

Gifts for a Price

The Hong Kong Slot machine has a mystic and Asian theme. Because of this, most of their symbols are based on classic Chinese mythology and Zen:

  • A “7”
  • A diamond
  • A Bonsai tree
  • A lily flower
  • A red, fire symbol
  • A blue, water symbol
  • A white, air symbol
  • A yellow, earth symbol
  • A green, vegetation symbol
  • Red Ying Yang (Scatter)
  • Blue Ying Yang (Scatter)
  • Hong Kong Tower Logo (Mystery)

Of course, these can net you easy money! From the low paying to high paying combinations, remember this: three of a “7”, a bonsai, a lily and a diamond is better than three of any of the “asian” symbols. With 5 reels and 99 paylines, getting 3 of the same kind is quite easy! Also, since this game is also available on mobile, tablet or computers, it has an Autoplay feature! As long as your current gold coins are higher than your coin bet, it will keep rolling. Of course, if you are eligible, you can bet and win real money quick!

There are two ways to get the highest payout. One is when you spin three or more Red Ying Yangs. This will trigger the Bonus Round. Although only three Red Yin Yangs are needed, having four or more will give an extra life of 1 or 2. The second way is to spin at least one Blue Yin Yang. The Blue Yin Yang guarantees two extra lives. Of course, it’s not that easy since the Blue Yin Yang only comes from the Mystery Symbol. The Mystery Symbol changes into a different symbol – making it easy to score a win!

After triggering the Bonus Round, 3 wheels will appear. The goal is to reach the last of the three wheels – which give the best bet multipliers than the other two. The first wheel will spin and multiply your bet. Apart from the multipliers, there is a “Level Up” arrow. Getting it changes the wheel to have better multipliers. Of course, the current wheel will spin and give prizes until you land on the same prize for the second time. If this happens, you will lose a life but keep the prize. The wheel will then spin until it lands a prize for the second time again.

However, unlike most of the recent slots, it has no Wild Symbol. And although it is available online, it is not present in the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

A Critique and Overlook

The graphics and animation are astounding! This is what you might expect from this slot as the game itself has some really good art. Another point to make is that when you win, especially in the Bonus Round, the fireworks and the celebratory animation are so good, you’ll want to see it more often!

Apt and consistent. That is my review of the music. It had amazing timing and, even with the background music, the individual sounds of each time you spin is still there – clear and crisp. Sometimes, though, it sounds a bit clunky as it tries to pair itself with the animation. Sometimes, you will hear the firework boom before seeing the firework. That is its only real flaw.

Because of the high paying multiplier of the Bonus Round, you net around 3000 times your original bet. This is dependent on luck, but still, even a 10 gold coin bet can reach 30000 gold coins. With that kind of winnings, who wouldn’t like to try and win some?


Reaching Enlightenment

One feature of the slot machines that can entice some players are the graphics. Hong Kong Towers did it amazingly. Couple it with upbeat music and astounding features and gameplay, the Hong Kong Tower achieves it and more. Because of the high return and low risk of the Bonus Round, it can be said that it is truly a Bonus Round. If you are wanting to get a feel for the Asian mystic slot machine, go online and see for yourself! You’ll never know, you might win more than you bet on!

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