Guide Slots Tips You Need to Know in 2022

So many ‘gurus’ on the internet tell players to avoid the slot machines at all costs. These ‘gurus’ act as if the slots are infected with Coronavirus or something worse. Now, this must be said, but chances are there is something on your slot machine – because of how many people touch them and germs or whatnot, but don’t stress about avoiding the slot machines altogether.

What you need to do is avoid the bad tips and habits, and make smarter choices when playing. Doing so will put you in a better position to win at the slots. Below we have collated some of the worst slots tips and habits to avoid.

Cheating is Stupidity at its Finest

Playing casino games and gambling will always attract the worst in people. Primarily because there are still people that will look to test the boundaries by cheating because of the lure for a big payday.

Throughout history, the slot machines have been subject to their fair shares of cheating, both failed and successful attempts.

When it comes to legislation surrounding licensed casinos, cheating is a severe offense and one that Judges are willing to throw the book at perpetrators. Casinos are big business, so it is well-known that they have gone about their ways to make cheating just about impossible.

However, this hasn’t stopped people from trying. We strongly recommend against cheating, especially some of the below outlandish methods that people have tried in the past.

The Coin on a String

Like something straight out of an old movie, back when three-reel slots all accepted coins, scammers would attach a string around a coin. Once the coin was inserted, and the credit was provided to the player, they would pull back on the string and get back their coin.

Nowadays, this method is not possible because machines rarely accept coins directly.

Fake Coins

Similar to the string theory, players began to create their fake coins, which at some point was simply a piece of metal that had been filed down and shaped. Some more professional counterfeiters began creating mock slot tokens, which looked very similar to the tokens which were used throughout New Jersey.

Over the years, this was quickly stamped out as the coin recognition software behind the slots became smarter.

Magnets and Early Mechanical Machines

The old mechanical slot machines of the 60s and 70s were susceptible to manipulation through magnetic force. Scammers would attach strong magnets to the sides of a machine to allow the reels to spin freely instead of stopping altogether. These magnets were then removed once the machine had shown a winning combination.

In the 1980s, some devices were used to trick a machine into paying out coins using a curved metal rod attached to a piece of wire. The wire would be inserted into the coin slot, and then the rod would be jammed into the same coin slot, which would complete an electrical circuit and activate the machine’s coin dispenser.

Cheating with Chips

Believe it or not, sophisticated ruses had been planned and executed on several occasions within the United States using the very computer chips that were designed to prevent cheating.

The high profile plan was concocted by Ron Harris, a software engineer at the Nevada State Gaming Commission, a man whose job was to program computer chips within slot machines to prevent cheating!

While going about his work, Ron included an exploit that he and his accomplices would use to rig the machines to payout. This exploit involved players inserting a specific number of coins in a particular order, which, when doing so, would trigger a large payday.

Ron exploited over 30 machines and got away with hundreds of thousands of cold hard cash, but it was an attempt to rig a game of Keno that got him busted, eventually pleading guilty in 1996 and spending seven years in jail.

Playing Above Your Bankroll

Just like your buddy and their super attractive partner who is out of their league, you don’t want to be punching above your weight – or playing above your bankroll for that matter.

Be realistic with the slots that you play and the bankroll that you have to work with. There is no reason for you to go and play on a $2 slot machine when you only have a bankroll of $10 to work with.

Yes, that gives you five spins to get lucky on and win, and while it could happen, it is highly unlikely.

Be smart, stick to playing slot machine games that match your bankroll.

Trying Too Hard

A problem many slots players have is that they try to overcomplicate things, this is an especially prevalent mindset among slots players as they look to find loopholes and fancy strategies or reasons behind big wins.

Whether players like to accept it or not, there is no sure thing when it comes to winning on slot machine games. The outcomes are entirely random and not able to be manipulated.

Throughout our experiences, we have seen that typical slots players go to so much effort to try too hard at winning on the slots. To the point that they end up skipping over all the slots tips that are useful.

One of the prime examples of this is players who avoid using their casino loyalty card in the slot machine because they are trying to be all mysterious and think that using the card lets the casino track and alter their winnings.

For starters, it is illegal for casinos to manipulate your chances of winning. Using your loyalty card won’t increase the house edge, neither will it decrease the house edge, but you will earn some rewards and could find yourself with some free plays by using it. They won’t be groundbreaking, but it doesn’t cost you any extra money.

Summarizing What to Remember

  • Never consider trying to cheat or scam slot machines at a casino, it is beyond pointless and will land you in some boiling water when (not, if) you get caught
  • Stop trying too hard to make your slots play into something that it isn’t, playing slot machines is about the luck and purely random. There is no sneaky trick to score an easy payout
  • Be smart when choosing which games you want to play, don’t play higher cost slots when you only have a small and limited bankroll to play with
  • Stick to slot machine strategies that we discuss in this guide; which are all focused on improving your chance to win and not trying to sneak a big win

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