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The GGslots South Africa Online Casino has a legal permission to conduct online gambling on the basis of the international License.
We understand that ensuring the fair game is one of the most important conditions for the casino operation.
Therefore, we offer you only games from reliable and long proven certified suppliers.
We approach to Responsible Gaming and Player Protection.

Terms & Conditions for GGslots


Please read the following rules and regulations carefully. By registering as a GGslots South Africa Palm Treasures Online Casino ( member and wagering in the Casino, you fully accept and understand that all of the following terms and conditions apply.

Palm Treasures Online Casino ( is a website of and operated by SpinGroup Gaming (Pty) Ltd. All payments made to the casino or payments from the casino will be in the name of SpinGroup Gaming (Pty) Ltd.

We only accept ZAR (South African Rands) and payments from and to valid South African Bank Accounts.

These terms and conditions (the “Terms & Conditions”) govern your access to and use of the Website and our Services. By accessing and using the Website and any of our Services (including by opening an account with us), you acknowledge that you have read these Terms & Conditions and you agree to be bound by these Terms & Conditions. You also agree to the use of electronic communications in order to enter into contracts, and you waive any rights or requirements under applicable laws or regulations in any jurisdiction which require a signature by hand, to the extent permitted by law. Please read these Terms & Conditions carefully, as they form a legally binding contract between you and us. By agreeing to these Terms & Conditions you acknowledge that you fully understand the contents of this contract. If you do not agree to be bound by these Terms & Conditions, the use of our website and services are strictly prohibited.


These Terms and Conditions may be changed by the Company when the need arises. The company will do everything possible to inform the players about important changes. However, please check the Terms and Conditions on a regular basis in order to timely learn about the changes.

GGslots South Africa Palm Treasures Online Casino ( accepts players older than 18 years of age that resides in South Africa. The company reserves the right to ask the player for evidence that he/she is of the legal age required for the game, as well as to limit access to the game or to suspend the account for those who could not provide such evidence that allows him/her to participate in gambling.

The player is solely responsible for paying all necessary fees and taxes on winnings required by legislation.

If the player who ordered the withdrawal of funds from the website did not make bets on an amount equal to at least three times the last deposit since its execution, we reserve the right to charge the costs of processing the transaction to such a player, both for the deposit and for withdrawing funds. This decision is at the discretion of the Palm Treasures Online Casino ( administration.

The player confirms that he/she has read and understand the rules of the game in which he/she can participate on the website. Responsibility for knowing the payout percentage of winnings of games in which a player participates is entirely his/her own.

The player is aware of the fact that playing on a website can lead to a loss of cash. The company does not bear any responsibility for possible financial losses incurred by the player as a result of playing on the website. The company takes all possible measures to protect the personal data of the player and provides this data only to the parties involved in the provision of gambling services on the website. Despite this, the Company is not responsible for how third parties will manage this information, for example, game providers or affiliates. The handling of player’s personal data by such third parties takes place in accordance with the terms and conditions of the third party. The company is not responsible for any defects in hardware or software, loss of Internet connection or any other technical problems that may limit the player to access the website or interrupt his/her game.

Each player has the right to create only one game account. Creating more than one game account with the same player can lead to the removal of all player accounts and cancellation of all cash payments. The player must not give anyone access to his/her game account or allow the use of the website from his/her account to any third parties (including but not limited to minors). The website may only be used for personal purposes and should not be used for any commercial profit.

The company has a strict anti-fraud policy. The Company reserves the right to close all player’s game accounts and cancel all cash payments if a player is suspected of any fraudulent actions, including but not limited to:

  • engaging in any collusion with other players
  • the development of strategies aimed at obtaining winnings unfairly
  • fraudulent actions against other online casinos or payment systems
  • return or refusal of card payments
  • other types of fraud
  • if the player is declared bankrupt
  • if the player provided false information during registration

This decision is entirely made at the discretion of the Company and the player will not be notified of the reasons for making such a decision. The company reserves the right to notify the necessary authorities in identifying fraudulent actions performed by the player. The company has the right to request from any player documents confirming his/her identity. The player may be required to take a “selfie” with the document in his hand and confirm the date when this “selfie” was taken. Modification of photo documents using any special software is strictly prohibited. If the requested documents are not provided by the player within one month from the moment of the request, we reserve the right to confiscate any or all credits from the player’s balance and close his account. If a player, for any reason whatsoever, refuses to take a “selfie” in accordance with the security requirements, he/she can order the payment of funds to a bank account registered in his/her name. We reserve the right to charge the transaction processing costs to the player if he/she has not wrapped up the deposit amount at least 3 times before ordering withdrawals. Attempts to wrap up the deposit amount 3 times exclusively in board games (including but not limited to roulette, blackjack, poker, etc.), before ordering a withdrawal, can be considered as fraudulent actions against the payment system or casino. This decision, entirely, is made at the discretion of the casino and is not subject to revision or appeal.

Palm Treasures Online Casino ( provides secure online methods to replenish the balance of the game account. In order to make a deposit, the player must have a valid South African Bank Account registered in the player’s name.

The minimum amount for withdrawal of funds is determined by the company and will be reflected on the withdrawal screen when the player is logged in. The maximum amount for withdrawal depends on the payment system you are using. If the amount of money requested for withdrawal exceeds the payment system limit, the payment will be made in parts. Each player can make up to two cashbacks in one day and up to seven in one calendar week. Caches that violate this restriction will be cancelled, and the player will be notified by email. If the amount of funds withdrawn by the player must be divided into several payments in order to comply with the limits of the payment system, such payments will be considered as one cashout, provided that the player has not made a deposit between them. Please note that there might be additional fees for transaction charges on the bank side and / or on the payment system. The company reserves the right to verify the player’s identity before processing withdrawals and to delay payment for the time required for such verification. In case the player has provided inaccurate data, he/she may be completely refused payment, and his account may be disabled. If such a decision is made, the player will be notified by e-mail. Please note that although withdrawal requests will be processed within 24 hours, it might take 3-4 working days for the money to reflect in your account due to processing times of the bank.

All bonuses are available to players from South Africa, unless otherwise indicated. Bonuses can only be received by one person on one account, at one home address, IP address, email address, phone number, account of the payment system and so on. When using any bonus code, only capital letters should be used. Each bonus code can only be used once. When playing with a bonus, real money will be spent first. Bets made will be removed from the player’s real balance. If the balance is empty, then the bets will begin to withdraw from the bonus balance. Upon expiration of the bonus, the bonus, as well as the winnings from it, will be cancelled. Palm Treasures Online Casino ( has the full right to update these rules at any time.

Privacy All information about the players of GGslots South Africa Palm Treasures Online Casino ( is considered to be strictly confidential by the Company. All data is stored and processed in accordance with data protection and privacy laws. Personal Information Collection We collect personal data of players when registering at Palm Treasures Online Casino (, when responding to requests, as well as when contacting customer support. Information may include the players name, date of birth, residential address, email address, IP address, and other personal information. Such personal data is available to GGslots South Africa Palm Treasures Online Casino ( employees, employees of the gaming content provider, payment systems and other third parties who help the Company to provide gaming services to users. All parties that have access to personal data treat it strictly in accordance with data protection and privacy laws. Data is fully protected from unauthorized access. Information about the balance of player accounts All information about deposits and withdrawals of players funds is considered strictly confidential. We do not disclose such information to any third parties without the prior consent of the player, unless otherwise required by law. Use of personal data for marketing The company uses the personal data of players for marketing purposes. However, we respect the player’s right to privacy. If the player does not want to receive advertising messages, he can select to opt-out of sms and/or email marketing. You can also unsubscribe from receiving promotional materials at any time using the website. Cookie Policy Palm Treasures Online Casino ( uses cookies to save personal settings and preferences of the player to provide him/her with more convenient gambling services. Disclosure of personal data In the event that the Company becomes aware that the player has participated in fraudulent activities related to the manipulation of the game, fraud with payment systems, the provision of false personal data, money laundering, the use of stolen credit cards and so on, we reserve the right to disclose personal data of such a player and make them publicly available. Personal data security The company seeks to provide 100% secure gambling services and make sure that players personal data cannot be stolen, lost or illegally used. We use the latest technological advances to protect the personal data of players. Palm Treasures Online Casino ( uses 128-bit SSL technology (Secure Socket Layer), preferred by many major financial institutions and banks, to ensure the security of transactions on the website.

We use a special anti-fraud system to prevent any type of possible financial fraud on the website. Any attempts of illegal actions immediately lead to the blocking of the player’s account.


Access to the account can be made only by the unique ID and password of the player. The player is fully responsible for the safety of this data and for ensuring the inability to access the account by others.

We work only with the most reputable and reliable payment systems, which allows us to ensure thorough processing of deposits and withdrawals of players funds in accordance with all security standards.

Remember, playing in GGslots South Africa casino should be treated solely as entertainment. The game should not cause any harm to you or your family or friends. Before playing at Palm Treasures Online Casino (, it is very important to realize that playing in a casino can in no way be considered as a means of generating income or as a way to pay off debts. We recommend that you always monitor the amount of time you spend playing casino games and how much money you can afford to spend playing. Never play for amounts you cannot afford to lose. Palm Treasures Online Casino ( supports responsible gambling.

If you believe that the game has a negative impact on your life, or on the lives of your loved ones and friends, we strongly recommend that you consider taking such measures as setting personal limits on the game, self-exclusion from the game, seeking help from a specialist. If you believe your gambling has become irresponsible or out of control, contact the national problem gambling counselling toll-free helpline 0800-006-008 or visit their website at

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