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If you are a slot fan who wished to roll the years back and experience the magic of classic slot machines involving fruits, cards and whirring mechanical gears, Amatic has brought out just the kind of recipe for your tastes.

Fortuna’s Fruits is a slot that can be easily typecast in the crowd of hundreds of similar slots. However, clever designs and quirky sound effect – not to mention decent payouts – all come together nicely to create a formula that’s certainly worthy of being liked all around the world.

Another Fruit Slot? What Gives?

If you are fed up with fruit slots and their same old antics, you can safely give this one a pass. But if not, then you are, by all means, welcome to see how Fortuna favours you.

In addition to all other major developers, Amatic itself has over a dozen fruit machine slots already floating in the online space. So, it’s quite justified to wonder the logic behind the development of yet another slot that can only add a brick to the wall.

The only exception is that Fortuna’s Fruits differs from other slot in the way it allows you to cash in on your luck – effectively and efficiently!

A Galaxy of Paylines – You Are Not Dreaming!

It has become exceedingly rare these days to spot a slot that has more than a handful of paylines. The optimum payline ratio, as a result, has gone up from being 0.15 not too long ago to 0.20.

Fortuna’s Fruits, however, does away with those fears that players usually have by allowing for as many as 50 paylines over 5 reels (4 rows each). This ensures that you will consistently land up good combinations, no matter how badly you are running out of luck. Perhaps, lend a hand from Lady Fortuna – she will surely be happy to help!

It’s About Time You Spun Those Reels!

Certainly – sooner the better! And when you do, you will notice that Fortuna’s Fruits uses all those familiar fruit machine symbols of grapes, plums, watermelons, cherries, lemons and oranges, in addition to the Lucky Seven and BAR.

The highest paying fruit symbol is that of a juicy watermelon (as usually is the case). Get five of these along any reel and be sure to collect 100 complimentary coins. Going a notch above, the symbol depicting a beautiful brunette woman – Lady Fortuna herself – dishes out as many as 500 coins for five-on-five sorts of combinations.

But 100 or even 500 coins can rarely make a difference. That’s why, we need some special symbols – and trust us, we’ve got them good!

The Wild

The wild of this slot is a big, bright and shiny red box reading WILD in bold letters. It can appear on any reel and has the power to replace or sub for all the regular symbols. This is very important, because more often than not, you will end up in pickle where you have almost-there combinations that are actually worthless.

Besides that, the wild can shower upon you some serious money. Five-of-its-kind combinations involving this wild will unlock a secret treasure chest of 6,000 coins – coins that you can cash out directly from the launch screen! See how Lady Fortuna loves to look after her disciples?

Time to Go into the Bonus-Mania

OK, we’ve come this far, and we don’t feel like stopping. So, let’s see how the bonus feature works here. The bonus symbol (a shiny stash of gold coins and gems) can turn your spins on their heads, giving you a solid head-start for your spins. Whenever it appears, it converts all the slots that are in its immediate vicinity into wild symbols. So, it proportionately increases your chances of making the most of your good luck.

An average jackpot win of 6,000 coins is sizeable because the coin size allowed for this slot is unusually higher than that of other fruit slot machines. You can wager only 1 coin per line, but it can be valued anywhere between 1 cent and $10. So, a total of $500 can be put at stake, while a jackpot of up to $60,000 is up for the taking here! What are you waiting for?! Go, get spinning – there’s no time to lose!

Fortuna Favours the Brave

Fortuna’s Fruits is a wonderful slot that can recreate the classic land-based slot playing experience for many players. The gameplay – especially the bonus symbol and its wild-creation – is refreshingly good, but it’s the size of jackpots that steals all the thunder from every other aspect.

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