Fortuna Slot Machine Free to Play Online Casino Game

Let me look at my crystal ball and see what lies ahead for you in the future. Oh, yes I can see everything so clearly here. You are going to play ‘Fortuna’ which is another great slot from Microgaming. Such entertainment lies ahead for you and some good cash wins too, so why not start playing right away.

Mysterious Eyes

Do you believe that people can tell you your future? Lots of us do and spend ages reading the horoscopes in the paper and online. Why do they all say different things though? There’s no horoscopes here but we do see the mysterious eyes of a clairvoyant who may or may not see something spectacular awaiting you in your future.

The design of the game isn’t the most sophisticated you’ll ever see, especially not from Microgaming who do release some spectacular looking games. This looks attractive enough though with the piercing eyes of the clairvoyant staring out at you.

The lack of sophistication carries on throughout this three-reel game. That’s what they are like so don’t be surprised at what you find when choosing to play this game. There’s no bonus games to aim for and no animation with the symbols. Apart from a wild symbol we’re back to the old days when it was a case of spin the reels and hope a good win comes your way and there’s nothing wrong with that is there?

It’s perhaps a little disappointing that the theme of the game isn’t that well adhered to. We only get the one symbol that is theme-related. That’s the gold coin that has ‘Fortuna’ written on it. It is the most important symbol in the game though as will be explained shortly. The other symbols are all familiar ones to those of you who have been playing slots for a while. The lowest paying symbol is the cherry, then we have the single, double and triple bars as well as a red 7.

The only nod to modern day games is the fact there is a wild symbol. This is the gold coin and can substitute for other symbols in the game. It can get you some good winning combinations that way but the wins you do get aren’t subject to any multiplier as is sometimes the case.

Chase that Top Prize

The top prize in this game is 6000x your coin stake but that’s only available if you are activating all five of the pay-lines that this game possesses. That’s common in this kind of Microgaming release. You can win the jackpot by getting three of the coins on the fifth pay-line. If you don’t activate all the pay-lines you can win a top prize of 1000x, 2000x, 3000x or 4000x depending on whether the coins end up on the first, second, third or fourth. There’s obviously an incentive to be activating all the pay-lines but just be careful with your budget. Playing the game with all the pay-lines in play costs you €1.25 and the maximum stake is €100 so high-rollers might be keen on giving this a go.

Three of the purple 7’s will win you 300x your coin stake and three triple bars gives you a 100x win. The lowest win is for a cherry on a pay-line which pays you 1x your coin stake. You’ll find a fair few low wins coming your way but at least that will keep your account balance ticking over before the big win comes your way.

It’s an easy game to operate. All the control buttons are situated down at the bottom of the reels. The paytable dominates the right-hand side of the screen and tells you what all the winning combinations are and what they pay.

Setting your stake is a simple process. Just choose your coin stake which can be between €0.25 and €20 and then decide how many of the pay-lines to activate. You can add one coin at a time by pressing the ‘Bet One’ button if you intend playing between one and four pay-lines or just press the ‘Bet Max’ button to activate all five. There’s also an autoplay feature if playing in expert mode.

Final Words

Another entertaining slot from Microgaming. It’s a basic one with not too much thought put into the theme. It looks and sounds ok though and the top 6000x prize would lovely in your account balance so give it a go.

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