Booster Online Progressive Slots

Booster slot is a 3-reel 1-line exciting progressive slot machine, with big jackpot, and a wild that will boost your payouts by 10-times!

It is the only slot machine where your bet is never lost and allows as much as $50 bet per single spin! Get one of the wild “BOOST” symbols and Boost your bet by 10 times!

Booster progressive slots wagering lets you try a range of bets, with a minimum bet of $0.50 and a maximum bet of $50.00 per game.

Booster Wild Symbol.

  • The Booster slot Wild is the BOOST symbol.
  • The Boost Wild will substitute for all symbols except win/lose symbols.

Booster “BOOST” Option.

Each time the Boster slots Boost Wild symbol appears, the game is interrupted and you can choose to “boost” your bet by 10x by selecting a small lever below the big pull-lever:

  • Choose to Boost your bet 10-times; if your bet is $1, it is boosted to $10.
  • Or choose Not to boost your bet by continuing to the next spin with your $1 bet.

When you choose to boost your bet it will be boosted to 10x for the next spin, and one Boost Wild is guaranteed to be on the payline.

If you loose your “boost” bet, it will be trasferred to “The Fund.”

Booster “The Fund”.

The Booster slot game “The Fund” is your special fund area where all your lost bets go when you do not win, to include the “Boost” bets.

You can cash in “The Fund” at any time for 10% of its value, or wait for the “Win/Lose” feature and try to win it all back.

Booster Win/Lose Feature.

Booster slots Win/Lose Feature is triggerd when 3 Chip symbols appear on the payline.

A special round starts where the reels are spun and you need three “Win” symbols on the line to win “The Fund.”

If three Wins do not appear, “The Fund” is lost and reset to $0.

Play Booster progressive slots to get a boost out of your slot game!

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