Bonanza Megaways Slot OnlineFREE PlayRTP Bonuses

Bonus features work well in keeping players playing and returning with their bets. Bonanza Megaways slot online has 3 bonus features: a reactions feature, free spins feature, and an unlimited win multiplier.

Game Symbols

Bonanza Megaways slot online has a mixture of numbers, letters, and precious gemstones, making winning combinations enjoyable as you have different varieties. Each number, letter, and gem have its multiplier, while the diamond is the highest symbol. The following is a list of game symbols in Bonanza Megaways:

Precious gemstones:

  • Green gemstone
  • Blue gemstone
  • Red gemstone
  • Diamond

Numbers and Suits:

  • Numbers are from 2 until number 7
  • Suits Ace, King, Queen, and Jack

Bonus Rounds and Free Spins

Bonanza Megaways Slot Online has bonus features that are divided into 3 segments, respectively. Each component has its importance and function in the game.

Mining would not be mining without explosions, and this is what the reactions feature pertains to. When winning combinations are made, the winning combination is blasted off-screen, and a new set of numbers, letters, or gemstones appear. These will appear above the already fired winning combination, meaning a unique combination will continue the game. Blasting old combinations and creating new ones is an ongoing process until there are no winning combinations left.

Triggering free spins is the most enthralling experience and with the letters G, O, L, and D, landing a free spin on Bonanza Megaways becomes possible. These letters also work as scatters in the slot game. Upon the opportunity of landing all of them, you will then acquire 12 free spins. However, if you can land any other scatters, you will receive additional 5 free spins.

Multipliers are like the lifeblood of online slot gaming. Big Time Gaming, understanding this, created Bonanza Megaways slot online with an unlimited multiplier win feature. A multiplier is added to a payout. A multiplier being added happens after receiving a booming explosion. Multipliers on Bonanza Megaways start at 1x, and each time a successful explosion happens, the 1x is added to the previous multiplier. Multipliers continuously being added is why the multipliers to this particular online slot game are unlimited.

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