Best Progressive Jackpot Slots

What Exactly Are Progressive Jackpot Slots?

Perhaps the most important question to answer on this page is this: what are progressive jackpot slots? Well, standard slots have jackpots that remain the same all the time, however the jackpot at a progressive jackpot slot will rise as more and more people play the game. Because progressive jackpots are very hard to win, the top prize can rise to be worth huge sums of money.

Not everything you spend will be contributed towards the progressive jackpot though. Instead, a percentage of everything bet on the slot will add to the progressive prize. For example, the slot might take 10% of all money spent, so if you wagered $100, you’d find that the progressive jackpot went up by $10.

But what if you win the progressive jackpot immediately after someone else? Would you win nothing? No, you wouldn’t, as all progressive prizes have a base level, which is the amount they start at. These vary, however the base level of Mega Moolah is $1 million! So, even if you won immediately after someone else, you’d still get a seven-figure prize.

Other than the jackpot, everything else about a progressive jackpot slot is the same as a standard slot. So, they’ll have normal prizes, as well as a standard jackpot, plus they can also have bonus features. Many think that progressive jackpot slots are far more exciting though, simply due to the amount of money that can be won.

The 5 Best Progressive Jackpot Slots

There are many different progressive jackpot slots out there, all of which have different features and different prizes. You can see the best progressive jackpot slots below…

Mega Moolah
This quite simply has to be number one, as it usually offers the biggest prizes around. It’s also fantastic to play, with a really fun theme and some nice features. Even if you don’t win the progressive jackpot, you could still win an impressive prize.

Mega Fortune
Mega Fortune has a jackpot that can get nearly as big as Mega Moolah’s. It’s not just the progressive jackpot that is great though, as it also has a really nice free spins bonus round, during which all wins have a 5x multiplier added to them.

Major Millions 3-Reel
This is the perfect slot for those looking to win a progressive jackpot while playing a classic slot machine. It has three reels and up to three paylines. If a wild symbol forms part of a win, your prize will be doubled.

The Dark Knight
This slot is based on the movie of the same name and offers an absolutely superb playing experience. In fact, most would still play if the progressive prize was taken away. It features the main characters from the movie and almost as much action.

Age of the Gods
Age of the Gods is actually a series of progressive slots, however they all share the same jackpot. All slots in the series have really enjoyable gameplay, plus they offer some exciting bonus features.

The progressive jackpot slots you can play really depends on the casino you sign up with. To make sure you can play the progressive slot that appeals to you most, make sure a casino offers it before signing up.

Why Are Progressive Jackpot Slots So Popular?

There’s no clever or unusual answer to give as to why progressive slot machines are so popular. It’s simply because they offer the biggest prizes around, and that’s exactly what online slot players want more than anything else. The knowledge that you could win millions from just one spin keeps excitement levels high and provides a real rush.

Of course, people wouldn’t play progressive jackpot slot machines if they weren’t entertaining though. You’ll find that most progressive jackpot slots online have enjoyable gameplay and fun features, so you’ll enjoy yourself even if you don’t hit the jackpot. Why not try one of our free progressive jackpot slots and find out how enjoyable they are?

How to Win at Progressive Jackpot Slot Machines

The question on everyone’s lips is an obvious one: how to win at progressive jackpot slots? Well, as with all slot machines, progressive jackpot slots are based entirely on luck, so you’ll always have the same chance of winning as everyone else betting the same amount as you. There is one way to increase your chances of winning though…

You will need to remember one important thing when you play progressive jackpot slots: it’s usually the case that those betting higher amounts will have a better chance of winning the top prize. So, those betting $10 a spin will have a better chance than those betting $1 a spin. Of course, you should never bet more than you can afford to lose though.

While it won’t give you any more chance of winning a progressive prize, you should always play at the progressive slot machines that have the best RTPs. This is because those with higher RTPs will give you a better chance of winning at least something. You can learn about the RTPs of different progressive jackpot slots by reading their reviews on this site.

Play the Best Progressive Jackpot Slots Today

So, now you know pretty much everything you need to know about progressive jackpot slots, from how the jackpots get so large, through to the ways in which they can be won. As we’ve mentioned already, we have loads of exciting progressive jackpot slot machines on this site, all of which can be played for free, without you having to sign up for anything.

You can spend as long as you want playing these free slots, so you can find the best progressive jackpot slots for you. When you have, you can head to an online casino we recommend and play them for real money. You might find yourself winning a progressive jackpot worth millions of pounds when you do!