Best Casinos Using GCash in 2022

Best Online Casinos using GCash


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💸What is GCash and How do you Use it?

As the world changes, more and more people are looking for ways to walk around without the encumberment of cash and inventions such as GCash help. When it was introduced, most Filipino simply thought of the mobile wallet simply as a way to pay their bills and send money remotely, but now the uses have extended to casinos. You can load your casino account through it just as you would debit cards. This app works perfectly as long as you are in the Philippines, and you can start using it as soon as your money is in your mobile wallet.

To get started, users have to download the app from either Google Play Store or iTunes App Store then follow some basic questions that are asked to verify their details. Since it is open to all networks, you can use it regardless of your provider. Since everything is communicated via SMS, you as the user will constantly be reminded when your account is dormant and needs to be activated. A dormancy fee of Php 50 is charged if you do not use your account for six consecutive months.

🎰How to Start Using GCash

The first thing you will need when using GCash is a working phone with a SIM card for any of the existing network providers in the Philippines. You will then download the app depending on whether you are on Android or iOS. Worth noting: There are actually three ways that you can register for these services. First, by downloading the GCash app. Second, through the GCash website. Three, by dialing *143# on your mobile phone and following the prompts, and five, via messenger on Facebook when you search @gcashofficial.

Once you have started the process, you will be require4d to provide a valid ID. This could either be a government-issued ID, a driver’s license, passport, Postal ID, police clearance, and other documents accepted. You will then be prompted to verify this information by logging into your GCash app. You will be notified within 30 minutes that your information is verified.

Right after this, your account is ready to use. You can now load your wallet, whose limit is Php 100,000 per month for cash in and cash out. In June 2020, the limit was extended to Php 500,000 when a user linked their bank account. Once your account is loaded, you can now start sending money to your online casino using GCash.

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💲How to Deposit using GCash at an Online Casino

Before loading up your online casino Philippines GCash, you want to ensure you have enough money in your GCash wallet. There are several ways to top it up, including PayPal, 7/11, RCBC, Villarica Pawnshop, MasterCard, and other verified methods.

  • Cashing in via bank account – You simply log in to your account then link your card to GCash in this format; ‘My linked accounts’ ➤ ‘My bank cards’ ➤ ‘Add Card.’ You will then enter your card details as they appear so that in the future, a cash-in will be instant.
  • Using a partner bank app – from your GCash account, go to ‘Cash-In’ ➤ ‘Online banking’ ➤ Select your bank ➤ then ‘Confirm.’  An SMS informing you of the transaction’s success will be sent within minutes of the cash-in. This transaction is free when you use BPI, Unionbank, and RCBC apps, but a PHP 25 fee applies to other banks.
  • Cash-in with PayPal follows the same procedure as that is cashing in with bank accounts.
  • Deposit through Western Union and MoneyGram – On the app dashboard, go to ‘Cash-in’ ➤ ‘Remittance’ ➤ then tap ‘Next’ after entering the reference number and amount.
  • These are the steps you follow when depositing at a 7/11 outlet, which is by far the most convenient for lots of people:
    1. Check into the terminal with the word CLIQQ on it.
    2. Select eWallet on the screen. GCash is one of the options.
    3. Enter the amount you will be depositing and click Next.
    4. You will receive a printed receipt with a barcode that you will hand the cashier at the 7 Eleven stores.
    5. The cashier will scan the barcode and accept your cash that should match the amount entered.
    6. An SMS will notify you that the process was a success.

Your mobile wallet is now loaded and ready to use.
To deposit the money into your casino account, you simply log in and select the payment method at the Cashier. You will then enter the amount to deposit and the required credentials to continue. After, you will wait until you are informed that the casino has received your deposit. You only can do this at an online casino GCash that accepts this mode of payment, but luckily most of those operating in the Philippines do. The money reflects quite fast, and so you can start playing almost within minutes of the transaction.

📍How to Withdraw Money from GCash

You can withdraw money from GCash through any of these methods:

  • A GCash MasterCard
  • Supermarkets
  • Department stores
  • Payment facilities
  • Pawnshops

The cost of the transaction varies per method. The MasterCard is charged a flat Php 20 while the rest will attract a 2% fee on the total amount transacted.

Using the GCash MasterCard at the ATM, you just need to go about it the same way you would regular withdrawals. You will enter your MPIN then proceed to provide the amount for withdrawal. The process is just as swift as depositing money into a GCash online casino.

To made cardless withdrawals, go to the outlet you have selected – supermarket, pawnshop – and let the staff know you would like to make a GCash wallet cash-out. You will be required to fill out a GCash Service Form with personal details such as your registered mobile phone number. They will request a valid ID, and after verification, you will be notified that your transaction was received. You will then receive your cash.

You can also send money from your account to your bank if you do not have a GCash Mastercard and cannot withdraw over the counter at those other facilities. It helps if you are registered to online banking so that you check if the money has reflected in our account. You can then withdraw it from the bank through debit cards or over the counter. This last option shows the versatility of GCash.

Potential of the GCash Platform

When you register an account, you will be required to verify it to unlock the full potential of GCash. There are three levels of verification; Basic, Partially, and Fully Verified. At the basic level, you can only do the barest using this service. Partial verification requires you to fill an online form with more details that will then allow you to access more services such as funding online betting using GCash. Without any verification, your limits for transacting are Php 40,000 a month, but you can increase this by verifying your account later.

If you want to get the best GCash service, then you need to participate in a video chat with a customer representative from the company. The chat isn’t long because among the things it’s meant to achieve are your locations, and once that is done, you can move on to be fully verified. At this level, your monthly limit moves to Php 100,000. With this limit, you can play at any online casino Philippines using GCash as much as you wish. For this monthly limit, you don’t have to necessarily link your GCash wallet to any bank account.

💰Why Choose GCash as Your Payment Method

Why do players choose online gambling using GCash? Being native to the Philippines, there is the pride associated with using a local brand. Most players feel they have no reason to use other online platforms that are just as effective as their local product since, and that boils down to brand loyalty. There is also the time it takes to transact, which is ideally a few minutes for your money to reflect in your casino account as well as the low cost associated. The many uses that go beyond depositing money into your casino also make this payment a preferred option for many. Add to all that security, and it will be clear to you why players are making the shift to GCash casino options.

Widely used in the Philippines

The platform is now used widely throughout the country. Thirty banks are now open to the platform, and more are expected to follow suit. The invention has been lauded by various stakeholders and has even received several awards for being the unique service it is today. All these commercial banks accepting GCash can only mean that they do understand the value it creates in the chain.

Transferring money through the banks and your mobile wallet is free to allow users to link both. You can use your MasterCard to withdraw cash from the ATM at a flat rate or use other facilities for a percentage of the total amount transacted. Moving money from the mobile wallet and back is free.

It only takes a few minutes to transfer money from your wallet to an online gambling GCash, a factor that drives many users to this platform. Since the process is done through the mobile phone, feedback is instant and you can start playing almost as soon as you finalize the transaction.

The process is carried out through mobile devices, and so you can appreciate just how convenient it is to be able to transfer money at any time of the night or day. Communication is instant for whatever service you perform through this platform.

The only currency used for this service is the Php, and so any other currency is converted at market rates. This is the case because this app is native to the Philippines and used almost solely by Filipino players at casinos here. For this reason, you want to choose an online casino accepting GCash if you live in the Philippines.

GCash Safety and Secure

Being a fully licensed and regulated e-money service, you can be sure that your money is safe with GCash. The service comes with all protocols that you could imagine out in place for user protection., this includes firewalls, password protection, SSL encryption, and the video interview for verification picks everything else the company needs to know. In the end, you are provided a service that checks all the boxes as far as payments and money transfers are concerned.

⛔ Blacklisted Casinos

  • ❌️Enormous wagering requirements
  • ❌️Not many payment methods
  • ❌️No live chat and support
  • ❌️Pirated copies
  • ❌️Long payments
  • ❌️No mobile version
  • ❌️Poor customer support
  • ❌️Very slow withdrawals
  • ❌️No rewards and very few bonuses

GCash Casino Types

The gambling industry has been growing rapidly in the Philippines and the world, and so you can be sur4e of finding something that works for you when you decide to get started. There are online websites where you will need to open an account then make deposits to start playing and there are also mobile options where a smartphone will be handy. The games available at these casinos are also as varied as the casino names, so there is something for everyone. It does not matter the type of casino you are looking for since almost all operating in the PH accept GCash.

Mobile GCash Casino

If you are in the subway on your way to work or home, it helps to have something fun to pass time. Mobile gaming is that option for most people since they already spend so much time on their mobiles. You will easily get hooked to an online slot machine GCash casino during your commute and even get to win some money while having some fun. When looking for a casino, you want one whose games are designed for mobile gaming since they allow for a seamless transition.

Live Casinos that accept GCash

A few checks online will show you the options you have when looking at casinos with live gaming options. Most of these offer table games and other options that require a bit of strategy and practice, and they are also not available to play for free. If you know your skills are up to par and would like to spur with a few opponents online, why not check GCash casinos with live games and indulge? They are all the rage and worth the hype.

📝Customer Service Online Casino in GCash

One of the things that determine whether a person will be back at a casino or not is the service they receive. Each time you raise a question, you want it handled with respect and the urgency it deserves, and that is what keeps the majority of the Philippine online casino GCash options open. Customer care representatives ensure to either address issues likely to arise from the use of the service thoroughly at FAQs or be present for quick responses. With payment issues resolved easily, you can focus on catching the latest games at the casino.

GCash Casino Bonuses

You are not disadvantaged when you deposit to your account through GCash. In fact, sometimes you get a special bonus just for choosing this method of payment. PH online casinos do this to encourage users to make this transition, and, in the end, it all works perfectly for the punter. At the start, when you register an account at a casino, check all the bonuses that could apply to you and take advantage. It’s their way of thanking you for choosing them.

A deposit bonus is tied to the first one or more deposits you make at a casino. Most times, it is a percentage of the initial deposit and is attached to playthrough requirements that you have to meet to withdraw the bonus with associated winnings. Before opening an account with an online casino with GCash, you want to look at their offers and conditions attached to their bonuses. This saves you a lot of drama later when you find out the amount of work you need to do to meet their wager requirements.

One of the online casino games Philippines GCash you can play at a casino will be slots. They are a top favorite to players for their ease of play and the low bets that allow you to keep going regardless of the size of your bankroll. Casinos offer them to new and existing players so they can spin and win free money that they then have to meet wagering requirements for by playing more. With GCash, you always have the ability to top up your casino account as soon as required, and so you won’t have any problem meeting your playthrough requirements.

Alternatives to GCash Payments in Casinos

There are always other alternatives if you do not want to use GCash to deposit money into your casino account. Some of the most preferred methods in the Philippines are VISA and MasterCard, PayPal, Bank Transfers. Since they are all older methods that have been around for such a long time, players can be assured of the safety of their money. Most casinos will select the minimum amount you can deposit for each of these methods, with bank transfers having the highest since they are costlier. The rest are also charged but not too high.

These two have been trusted for the longest time for all forms of transactions. It, therefore, makes sense that they are two of the top payment options players will go for when they cannot use GCash. MasterCard works with GCash too, and so if you want to use it to send your money to the casino account you will find it works seamlessly. Visa and MasterCard are both safe and easy to use since you will already have all the details required.

PayPal allows users to transfer money to other users as well as pay for merchandise. You can link your PayPal to GCash account by logging into GCash and adding PayPal as one of your approved payment plans. After this, you will be able to move money from one to the other, effectively ensuring you never run out of cash. Where you want to use PayPal solely as your payment method, you can too as long as you open an account and read the T&Cs.

You can choose to transfer money directly to your casino account if it feels cheaper to you.  You can also make some transfers between the bank and GCash for free and even more now that over 30 banks support this platform. Among the banks working with GCash include; Banco De Oro (BDO), Metrobank Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation (RCBC), AUB, and Union Bank. You can also move money from your GCash account to the bank and then withdraw it over the counter or through the ATM. If you choose bank transfers for any kind of transaction, it helps to remember they take a while and so your patience will be required. They are not as fluid as using GCash.


  • Which Currencies Are Supported by GCash?

    GCash supports the Peso. All payments made using this platform have to be in pesos, and if not, they will be converted to meet that standard at the user’s cost. The platform is made solely for transactions emanating from the Philippines.

  • Can I register more than one GCash accounts?

    Ideally, not because the credentials are going to be put in the system. It will already show you have an account registered and thus make it hard to open another. That said, you can register over two wallets in your name under that account.

  • Are there any Fees for Using GCash in Online Casinos?

    This is determined by the terms set by an individual casino. You have to first find out whether an online casino accepts GCash before trying to use it as your payment method, then read their T&Cs s to see whether charges apply.

  • Which Countries Work with GCash?

    The only country where GCash works seamlessly is the Philippines, as that is how it is tailored. You can send money to the PH from other countries into a GCash account.

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