Fontana delle Tette

For a couple of days I am not in Umbria but in Veneto. A region in the North of Italy. Veneto is famous for its prosecco, risotto, and for its world famous city Venice.

The landscape in Veneto is really different. There is more industry, but also impressive villa’s, rivers like the “Sile” and nice beaches. Veneto is an important tourist destination.

Caorle Venice
Caorle boulevard.

I stay in the Treviso area and yesterday was my first time in this city. I was told that in 1967 the “famous” tiramisu was created by a local restaurant in Treviso. In Treviso sometimes it’s like being in Venice, there are small canals and bridges in the centre. The “Piazza dei Signori” is the main square, and it is full of bars and restaurants, children play on the square, locals are having a “spritz” or a white wine before lunch.


 Piazza dei Signori

In a small square near Piazza dei Signori, there is this wonderful monument “Fontana delle Tette” made in 1559, the fountain of the breasts. In the early days, this particular fountain was used to give for three days red and white wine to the locals when the “Podesta” of Treviso was elected. The fountain on the square today is not the original one, but a copy. The original fountain can be found under the “Palazzo dei Trecento”.

Fontana delle Tete
Fontana delle Tette

-written by Sylvia van der Male-

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