Excellent restaurant Perugia

Finally I have managed to meet the owners of my favorite restaurant in Umbria for an interview. Ristorante Vineria Stella is in Casaglia, just outside Perugia.
Why is this my favorite restaurant?

The food is absolutely excellent and prices are far from high. The service is very good, friendly and fast. The wine list is original and prices are really OK plus, as you can hear in the interview as well, you can taste many wines per glass. Since the wines on the wine list are unique in Umbria and also fairly unique in the whole of Italy, the wines per glass are also of wine makers you would like to discover. You can taste a different wine per course … and if you like something particularly, you can buy the wine as well at very good prices.

Also, the atmosphere in the restaurant is lovely, very tranquil, intimate with tables far apart. In summer you can sit on the terrace which is a real joy.

A restaurant that deserves many compliments, especially so because the owners are not making a lot of publicity themselves.

Excellent restaurant Perugia – interview


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