Feedback customers

Last week one of the houseowners told us that a client had made him a proposal. He would write a positive review if he would get a discount! The proposal was made on the day the guest was leaving, after a pleasant stay without any complaints (apart from the one day of rain).

The owner refused to pick up the offer and asked the family to give just their honest feedback which they sent us. I think the notion that a negative feedback on Tripadvisor can harm ones business is growing and there are increasing numbers of customers willing to abuse the power they have. There is another side to this as well. Owners offering discounts or extras to those people who promise to write positive stories about a place.

In the end all these review sites may become corrupted and useless. In the UK an investigation has already been launched.

It really all comes down to trust and rest assured, we from Villa in Umbria don’t filter the feedback we receive and we don’t do tit for tats.

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