It looks like a word that has something to do with the equine world but alas it is an institute collecting money for the Italian state. I got a letter from them which more or less said: ‘We came by your door with a letter but you weren’t in, since we won’t be passing another time come and pick it up yourself in Perugia workdays between 9 and 12. It wasn’t really a question, more an order.

We have all heard about the select club of countries in Europe who have some difficulty making ends meet and recently Italy seems to have joined it. Not really surprising if you ask me since I have been paying visits to dodgy dim lit buildings housing important offices for myself and clients for years and years. Not really spanky swanky modern well kept places. It must have something to do with lack of money or it not arriving at the right place. On the outside the buildings sometimes are very impressive but once you have entered it is like stepping into some east german communist office from thirty years ago. A lot of times even proper filing cabinets are missing … and don’t get me started on their computer systems.

What was in the letters? Apparently they made a mistake in 2007 and now need some extra money from me. No big amounts fortunately.

One thought on “Equitalia

  1. We’ve just had a run in with Equitalia. We had to prove at our expense that we no longer owned a camper van that we re-registered in the UK and subsequently sold in the UK in 2006. They wanted the bollo paid – sorted now, but a major hassle and they’re like terriers when they get their teeth in you, they don’t let go!
    Hope your experience with them is over soon – and a word of advise, get the result in writing from them!!


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