Blacksmith the Umbrian way

Not sure if it will pass any strict vehicle test (unfortunately it does produce its own very particular smell and fumes)?
It is quite old but still serves our blacksmith well because, make no mistake, this monster creeps up any steep hill laden to the brim and then some extra. I say extra because when you open the doors and some small doors and look under benches you’ll find a complete workshop! You need that around here since no job is straightforward and to travel somewhere which in a straight-line might only be 30km might take an hour or more along our lovely twisty roads.

This man has been doing his magic around ‘our’ places for many years and the sound of his struggling vehicle has become very familiar, as has the cursing at the point where he can’t make the bend in one go!

2 thoughts on “Blacksmith the Umbrian way

  1. How fantastic! We had a man who came to work at our place in Gambasca and you could hear his tractor banging away up the mountain long before it got to us. He rigged an elaborate canopy over the entire thing it was wonderful ingenuity at it’s best.


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