Moretti beer and pizzas

After having finished my pizza in our favourite neighbourhood pizza joint, it took some time before I got the message on the plate in front of me. I had never seen a plate like that. It was a Moretti beer advert on a plate. Maybe up to this point not so special but then I started reading.

The message was that Moretti beer is nutritious, very much so. Turns out that half a litre of Moretti beer equals: 105 grams of bread 470 grams of apples 284 grams of potatoes 3 eggs 52 grams of butter! 395 grams of milk Ai, and I had just finished half a litre and a pizza as well!

It is funny to see how advertising changes over the year, I imagine beer producers right now going to great lengths to hide how much calories their beers contain.

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