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Terni is in the southern part of Umbria. It is the smaller of the two provinces in the region Umbria and a modern, dynamic city, rebuilt after the Second World War.

Terni now is a culinary destination with many trendy bars and restaurants. The busiest area is Via Cavour and Via Roma. Every weekend the streets are filled with people eating and drinking outside.

In Via Cavour is restaurant La Piazzetta, offering local and seasonal cuisine. The menu and wine list change every season. In this restaurant is a good vibe, La Piazzetta has the right atmosphere and ambiance to have a nice lunch or dinner with your family and friends. The food and wine they offer are really outstanding!

Federico is the owner of restaurant La Piazzetta. I have known him for some years now. In 2012 I organized a festival with my friend from Terni, Marco, to promote the region Umbria. Umbriabeecoming was meant to attract more visitors and tourists in Umbria. For the promotion of this region we’ve organized several Umbrian wine tastings and presentations in Holland together with the Italian society Dante Alighieri.

It wasn’t the first time I had dinner at La Piazzetta. The authentic pasta dish “ciriole” with black local truffle remains one of my favorite Umbrian dishes. The home made pasta they serve is excellent and absolutely worth trying.

On the website of Tripadvisor you can read the reviews from restaurant La Piazzetta. This restaurant is really recommended when you’re in Terni!

Corsa all’Anello in Narni

Every year at the beginning of May is the Corsa all’Anello in Narni. It is a medieval festival dating back to 1371 and walking around here, actually feels like going back to the middle ages. A must see when you’re in Umbria in May.

Narni Umbria

Narni Umbria

Narni Umbria

The three districts, Fraporta, Santa Maria and Mezule compete with each other : their best horseback riders have to throw their lances through a suspended ring. During the evenings there are exhibitions, games, concerts and local taverns open for public. The taverns are very cosy, the locals are dressed in medieval clothes and they serve the best typical food and wine from the area. Besides the three taverns There is a special tavern for only cake and desserts, called “Lo Dolce”. The sweets are all homemade and fresh.

Narni Umbria Narni Umbria

Besides the Corsa all’Anello, Narni’s underground is a very interesting and fascinating world. Narni Sotterranea is a journey discovering numerous underground tunnels and rooms of the monastery of San Domenico, a Papal inquisition torture chamber and a prison cell. To visit the underground you need to make a reservation in advance for a guided tour.

Terni is only 13 km from Narni. Narni still breaths the atmosphere of old times, however it is a very modern city. It was bombed during world war II and rebuilt after that. The city is associated with Saint Valentine, San Valentino is the Patron Saint of Terni. It also hosts the famous Marmore Falls, la Cascata delle Marmore.

Cascata delle Marmore

At a short drive from Narni and Terni is the valley of the River Nera which has an amazing landscape, top gastronomy and is full of traditions. Small villages like Ferentillo, Scheggino and Piediluco are authentic villages in the mountains. In Ferentillo is the famous Mummy museum, maybe a bit scary to visit, but terribly interesting.

Mummy museum Ferentillo

Restaurant tips in Terni

Ristorante Piazzetta in Terni. A family restaurant in Via Cavour 9 in Terni. Haute cuisine and friendly owner.

A volte tre in Terni. A modern and trendy bar in the centre of Terni, Via Francesco Mancini 10 for a “apericena”. Buffet and drinks.

Private villa’s near to Narni (South Umbria)

La Dunarobba
La Dunarobba is a private house with swimming pool and jacuzzi situated in the beautiful green hills between Dunarobba and Avigliano Umbro. Privacy is guaranteed. This villa has 5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms, it sleeps 10 people.
We had a wonderful holiday. The location was excellent, the house was as it described on the website, the hospitality of the owners is warm and pleasant, in short: a very good experience.”
La Dunarobba villa in Umbria

Casale Penna
A villa with 4 bedrooms, set in an age old olive grove and part of a working farm. The views are fantastic from the vacation villa and located in a wonderful spot. The villa sleeps 8-12 guests.
Our stay at Casale Penna was great! The house exceeded our expectations.”
Casale Penna

Bed & Breakfast near Narni (South Umbria)

B&B Acquasparta
This Bed & Breakfast has lovely views over the Umbrian countryside. There are three bedrooms divided in two apartments, all ground floor with direct access to the garden and terrace.
It is the most wonderful place, and perfect for our family. The pool was great and set in the most lovely garden, with lots to do for the children.

Bed and Breakfast Acquasparta

visit Spoleto

Yesterday was a sunny day. Together we went to the Spoleto area to visit villas and apartments. Spoleto is a beautiful hilltown in southern Umbria. Above the city is the medieval Rocca and Spoleto’s most famous sight is Ponte delle Torri. Very beautiful and impressive view.


For lunch we went to Strettura. A little village along the ancient Roman road “Via Flaminia”. The restaurant Palazzo del Papa is a generation to generation restaurant in Strettura. Very well known by the locals. Strettura is famous for its traditional unsalted bread and for the Umbrian norcineria (pork butchery). During the Umbriabeecoming festival in 2012 an American journalist participated to a baking bread and cookies workshop. Sharri Whiting lives in Umbria. She writes a blog about cultural issues, food and wine from central Umbria. Here you can read a nice article about Strettura and how they make the unsalted bread. Enjoy!

Pane: from wheat field to baker to table


– Post by Sylvia van der Male –