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Everybody knows “pizza”. Maybe it is the most famous Italian dish in the world. Italians themselves love eating pizza. On every corner of the street you can get a slice, a “pizza al taglio”. The toppings on the pizza vary from fish to meat, from fresh fruit to only vegetables.


La Serra is a restaurant-pizzeria outside the city centre of Perugia. La Serra literally means greenhouse. It used to be a greenhouse: nowadays the restaurant has a long and narrow structure and is very large serving many guests. At the entrance are large craft beer brewers, though they do not seem to be in use. The restaurant does serve some special beers, though.

Often the restaurant is crowded with mainly local people. La Serra is not known by tourists because of its location outside the historical centre of Perugia. It is close to the football stadion.

Coming here for the first time you’ll be surprised by the size of the pizza. One pizza takes two plates to serve! It is hard to imagine finishing this mega pizza, but no worries. Within minutes you’ll finish the first half. It is a very thin pizza and not difficult to digest. You’ll love it!

The menu of the mega pizza is variable. On the placemat menu is a list of the “Super Mega Pizza Speciale”. But the menu also offers classics like the Pizza Margherita or the Pizza 4 Formaggi. For children there is a “baby pizza” which has the normal pizza size. If you don’t feel like having a mega pizza, the restaurant also offers good pasta and meat dishes.


If you really can’t get to the end of your pizza, you can ask a take away pizza box. Don’t hesitate to ask for a box, many people do!

Address :
Pizzeria La Serra
Viale dell’Ingegniera 35, 06125 Perugia
Tel. +39(0)75-5058672

Buon appetito!


Villa per Gruppi in Montegabbione

Last week we visited one of the houses that we offer for rent on our website, the villa per gruppi. A lovely estate run by a friendly italian couple from Brescia.

Gianluca & Marina

Gianluca & Marina

Gianluca managed his own restaurant in Brescia which he sold and in 2006 they bought the estate in Umbria. After hard work it is now an agriturismo of outstanding quality. We had a real treat on a beautiful sunny day: Marina made pizza for us. Here are some pictures that will make you wish you’d been there!

– posted by Saskia van der Bolt – 


Good pizza at Lake Trasimeno !

In Passignano sul Trasimeno (Perugia) near the exit of Torricella is the restaurant pizzeria “Il Gabbiano”, which means the gull. This is a very easy stop on your way from Perugia to Siena or to end a day at Lake Trasimeno. The pizzeria is part of a family run hotel and restaurant with pool and tennis court. One can taste typical Umbrian dishes and the pizza’s are very tasty and thin. During the summer they have a spacious terrace outside and for children there is a small playing field. We were here last Friday together with many Italians: a good sign!

We were allowed a peep in the kitchen:



These were the pizza’s prepared for us: quattro formaggi (4  cheeses), margherita  (traditional pizza with tomato sauce, mozzarella and basil) and perugina (with the typical Umbrian sausage).

While the pizza’s were in the oven, we enjoyed our antipasti with a beer from the tap:


And this was the result: buon appetito!


– Post by Saskia van der Bolt –