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Marco comes from Rome and since this summer season he works as a waiter in pizzeria – osteria Calandrino in the centre of Castiglione del Lago. My apartment is situated just above this restaurant. When passing by the good smells stimulate your appetite  but in the four years I live here, I have never eaten in this restaurant… until today.

The cook is from Sicily and knows very well how to prepare the best fish, truffle and local meat dishes. His name is Rosario, a classic Sicilian name. Marco instead is a normal name you frequently hear in Italy. I have never had a real chat with him. He once helped me carrying the water bottles I had bought in the supermarket like a real gentlemen.

Restaurant Calandrino Castiglione del Lago

Today I decided to have lunch in Calandrino. I took a first course “linguine allo scoglio” with a good glass of Umbrian white wine, a Grechetto. Linguine looks like thick spaghetti which is good to combine with fish. On the terrace there were more people enjoying their Italian lunch. It is also possible to have pizza for lunch, but not for me: an Italian eats pizza for dinner, never for lunch.

Restaurant Calandrino Castiglione del Lago

Marco told me his story how he got in Castiglione del Lago. He is a “Romano”, but he lived for many years in London. He travelled around the world with his partner, but decided to return to Italy this spring. He missed his home, the sweat life in Italy “La Dolce Vita”.

I know Rosario ever since I live in Castiglione del Lago and now I finally tasted his pasta: I can recommend this restaurant to everybody. The smells coming from the restaurant are compatable with the dishes he prepares. Delicious! Calandrino is a nice and cosy osteria-pizzeria for those who love eating fish or other local dishes on an outside terrace in one of the most wonderful villages along the Trasimeno Lake, Castiglione del Lago.

Osteria Pizzeria Calandrino
Via Vittorio Emanuele 107
Tel. +39 (0) 75  9653101
Castiglione del Lago (PG)

Restaurant Calandrino Castiglione del Lago

Delicious fish from the Trasimeno Lake

Never in my life I ate fish of the Trasimeno Lake. Until yesterday evening! My friends in Castiglione del Lago suggested eating the “Regina in Porchetta”, carp from the lake at the Restaurant A.Z. Vignaroli. The Regina in Porchetta is a typical dish from the Trasimeno area. I had to taste it! I was so curious. Unfortunately, at the restaurant they told me that you need to order the carp in advance. And not only for 1 person, but at least for a group. The carp of the lake is too big for one person only!

Arturo, the owner of the restaurant suggested as a starter a mix of fish antipasti and as a main course the perch fillet with lemon sauce and organic turnip. Yummie! It was so good, maybe a little bit too much, but I really enjoyed my dinner at the AZ Restaurant. I will go back for sure.

Arturo invited me to the restaurant to taste the home made fresh carp of the Trasimeno Lake. I am looking forward to it!


– Post by Sylvia van der Male –