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This Friday morning I thought the weekly market was in Passignano sul Trasimeno. From Castiglione del Lago, the small hamlet where I live, Passignano is only 20 km away. The bike tour along the lake also is an ideal track if you like running longer distances. I decided to take my bike and go to Passignano.

Bike Trail Trasimeno

The road is very easy and flat. Now that Autumn has started the temperatures are quite pleasant to bike or run.

In the beginning I thought I’d be alone along the Trasimeno Lake, but I did meet some other fellow bikers. I have a mountainbike which is easy cycling on mud and sandy trails, but these people passed by with normal bicycles.

It is a wonderful track from Castiglione del Lago to Passignano sul Trasimeno. Almost the whole way you’re driving along the lake. Now and than you find some obstacles, but you can avoid easily drive around it. First you pass Borghetto, and than Tuoro sul Trasimeno with a cosy picknick area to enjoy the views.

Bike Trail Trasimeno

Arriving in Passignano sul Trasimeno I hunkered for the market stalls with fresh fruit and vegetables to take home for my lunch. But I had been dreaming… on Friday there is no market, it is on Saturday morning! I made a small walk through the historical centre and I bought some bread. Passignano sul Trasimeno is a lovey village. One finds many terraces, shops, a butcher, a bakery and a fresh pasta shop.

Pasta shop in Passignano sul Trasimeno

Majolica shop in Passignano sul Trasimeno

Trasimeno Lake Umbria

On my way back I have recorded the track and the km counting with my navigation watch. The bike trail is fine both for trained and un-trained cyclists. You really do not need a mountainbike, you can also use a normal bike. A helmet is not required. You can follow the signs easily. The trail is surely recommended for bike lovers!

Bike Trail Trasimeno

Bike Trail Trasimeno

Bike Trail Trasimeno

Pasta Amatriciana for Amatrice

Every day in the newspaper, or on television we still see images and interviews with journalists, politicians and locals about the earthquake on 24 August. Amatrice, Accumoli and Arquata del Tronto are destroyed. Also buildings in Norcia, Umbria have been damaged. Many people who survived the earthquake live now in tents, but will soon move to hotels and institutions before winter sets in.

In many restaurants in Italy, and in Umbria, you can order a pasta “Amatriciana”. Amatriciana is a typical pasta-dish originally from the village Amatrice based on tomatoes, pecorino, guanciale (cured pork cheek), white wine, onion and peperoncino. Amatriciana is prepared with spaghetti or also penne (short pasta).

i primi ditalia i primi italia

On Sunday October 2, 2016 I participated in the half marathon of Foligno, Umbria. We started and finished in the centre of Foligno, and in between ran through the wonderful Umbrian countryside around Foligno. The trail is flat and also ideal for walking or biking.

Course: Garmin Connect – Foligno half marathon

This race is every year on the last day of the event I Primi d’Italia. I Primi d’Italia is a popular food festival that focuses on “primi piatti” (polenta, rice, pasta and soup). During this event many top chefs all over Italy come over for food tastings, cooking demonstrations and cooking courses. It attracts a lot of visitors. Have a look at our blog about I Primi D’Italia.

I finished the race at midday and I hunkered for a good pasta. I decided to go to the “Villaggio della Amatriciana” for a Pasta Amatriciana. At the festival there were about 13 “food villages” for tastings. I could also go to the “Villaggio del Riso” or the “Villaggio della Polenta” but I felt that a little contribution for the rebuilding of the earthquake area’s was appropriate. I decided to spend my money for charity, for Amatrice!

i primi ditalia

The Pasta Amatriciana I had was delicious, I ran in the half marathon of Foligno, and gave my humble contribution for charity! I returned home satisfied.

eBiking in Umbria

What a great experience! E-biking!


I know, I’m a bit behind. You probably have already known the pleasures of riding an eBike, but I hadn’t even heard of it until recently. Near to where I live an eBike rental company has opened its doors. Matteo Baffi, whose family owns the holiday rental Il Camino, is involved with this new activity. Hence why we got the invitation to come along for a test ride.

The bikes are of excellent quality, trekker eBikes and for the more daring also two mountain eBikes. As a complete novice I was astonished that I actually managed to drive up a serious mountain (of which there are many in Umbria). With my own bike I hardly manage to do the first 10 meters up. You have to cycle, but it is as if somebody gives you a little push all the time. It is ideal for people who like to do open air activity and are relatively sportive, but certainly not top athletes.

It is a very pleasant way to discover the green countryside of Umbria.

These eBikes are being rented by Inspired Italy in collaboration with BRS – Baffi residential services. The address is:
Piazza della Repubblica 10
06060 Lisciano Niccone (PG)

From here one can do a day trip to or even around Lake Trasimeno, towards Umbertide and Montone in Umbria or to Cortona in Tuscany.


The costs for renting an eBike are:
1 day @ Euro 75.
3 days or a weekend @ euro 190.
7 days @ euro 375.
Inclusive is the helmet, your own water bottle to take home, fully charged battery 30-110 miles range and battery charger.

For information and reservations go to the website of Inspired Italy. They speak English.

It is quite possible that they will also organise guided tours in the near future, for small groups only. Keep following this blog or our social media if you like to receive information about these eBike tours.



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