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Come and explore the greatest empire Europe has ever known and get richer than ever by climbing up the power ladder of Rome. 

Roma is a video slot game created by MGA and designed to please all the lovers of history, gambling and big wins out there. The gameplay is a dynamic two-step process with intuitive commands and plenty of ways to customise each of your spins on the reels. 

The stakes are high in Roma, so you would better get the best briefing possible before hitting the reels. To do so, check out our full review of the game. 

When in Rome…

Roma is set across two different game screens, between which you will switch throughout the game depending on your luck and your own strategy. 

The main game is set on a giant scroll, unravelled to leave space for the reels. Around them, the paytable and various counters are placed. The screen is overall quite busy, despite the command buttons being tucked at the bottom. In the upper game, the reels are encased with a large temple with a view on several iconic Roman monuments in the background. A centurion in armour stands on the side and watches you as you play. 

Roma might have rather simple graphics, its overall layout and the various sound effects give it some extra depth. If you are eager to know more about the gameplay itself, head on to our next section. 

Prepare to Conquer the Continent

Roma is played across two different reel sets. We will stick to the main game for now, just to give you a better idea of the standard features of the game. 

The main reel set contains 3 reels and a single payline drawn across them, which is where symbols combinations have to land if you want them to trigger cash prizes down the line. You can bet either 1, 3 or 5 credits on the reels, so feel free to choose the wager that suits your needs bet. Remember that the more you choose to risk, the higher your future rewards. 

Each spin in Roma can also award nudges. A nudge applied on a reel will make it move slightly forward to give you an extra chance to score a win.

Individual reels can be hold automatically as well, when you are one symbol short of a combination. Finally, remember that Roma also features an autoplay mode to allow the reels to spin on their own for a while. 

Twice as Much Fun

Roma contains two different paytables, one per game level. The main game is the only place where you will find a helmet symbol, which can trigger a mini game for extra wins, and a wild card to substitute for any other basic icon. 

The oranges, plums, lemons or strawberries are the most common symbols in the base game. Their value depends on your current bet level, but you can expect between 1 and 12 credits thanks to them. The bells come next, worth 6 to 15 credits, and the diamonds are the rarest and most valuable. Then come in green, blue and red, and can be combined together for a small win. 3 blue diamonds alone will be worth a whopping 1,000-credit big win. 

Once you gain access to the upper game, a new selection of reel symbols becomes available. Chariots, shields and stadiums are the most common of them, worth up to 20 credits, but the 7s are the most interesting options here. They follow the usual red, green or red pattern with a maximum reward of 1,000 credits as well. 

Aim High

Roma has a bit of an original gameplay if you are only used to simple, 5-reel slot games. With its double gameplay, you get twice as many chances to win in the end. 

To access the upper game, you are going to need bonus points. To win some, stay focused and try to find as many eagle symbols during the main game. One eagle awards one bonus points, 2 of them double the reward and 3 eagles add 6 bonus points to your stash. 

Use these bonus points together with regular credits to spin the reels in the upper game. This new set of 3 reels also features 5 paylines to multiply your chances of hitting a win.

An Addictive Game Despite Relatively Low Graphic Quality

Roma is a dynamic dive into history with a touch of excitement on top and a thrilling double gameplay to satisfy any player’s ambitions. 

The best way to win big is to gain access to the upper game as quickly as you can. Never hesitate to play big to win big, and keep an eye out for the special symbols in the main game as well.

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