MAEC Museum in Cortona, Tuscany

Last week my son was invited for a birthday party at the MAEC Museum in Cortona, Tuscany. In this museum two Egyptian mummies are kept. At school they have just had history lessons about Egypt, farao’s, pyramids and mummification, so this was terribly interesting for them. For me it was a good occasion to join them since I had never been in this museum. I was pleasantly surprised!


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Winter in Umbria

It is winter in Umbria and very quiet indeed. Many shops in Castiglione del Lago are closed until Carnival, or even until the end of February. My home town is semi deserted now. During the weekly market there are less stalls, many stay at home because of the colder weather. Fortunately my fruit and vegetable stall from Cortona, and my chicken stall from Montepulciano are always there!


La vita quotidiana, daily life continues, we work, I run and meet up with friends. Ever since I live in Castiglione del Lago I run with the Athletic Association of Castiglione del Lago “Filippide”. I made some friends out there, as you may already know from my previous blogs.

We meet for a pizza, a training or just for a simple appetizer. Last time we had dinner at home with friends. I took Dutch cheese and a typical soup from our country: Erwtensoep, a pea soup. It was a great succes!

Though we are all sportive people, we absolutely love a glass of wine or a beer. During every dinner or lunch my friends always choose a good wine like a Brunello di Montalcino, a Chianti or a Nobile. Living in Italy means being spoiled with quality food and quality wine… After dinner we often take a digestive and a coffee with pure chocolate.

Winter hasn’t finished yet. It is still January and cold in Umbria. Secretly I already look forward to spring …


-post by Sylvia van der Male-

Epiphany, every year on the 6th January

January 6, Epiphany is an important holiday in Italy. It is the day that the Three Kings brought gifts to Jesus. Traditionally it is the Befana who brings sweets and gifts to children in Italy on January 6th.

That morning I had a training with my friends in Chiusi, Tuscany. During the Christmas holidays I only ran three times, hardly worth mentioning, so it was about time to have a proper training. This time we went for a run of 15 km.

This is the running – walking trail.

The weather was rainy and windy. Some trails were wet and slippery. It was more a cross country run, than a normal training. In summer trails are easy to walk, but in winter you need to put on your rain boots to pass these slippery trails :). The running trail was from Chiusi centre to the lake and back. I stopped a couple of times to take some pictures.

ChiusiRunningTuscany1 ChiusiRunningTuscany2 ChiusiRunningTuscany3

Along the road we saw an Etruscan tomb “Tomba del Colle” dated 475 – 450 B.C. Chiusi used to be an Etruscan city. They discovered many more tombs which are very interesting to visit. Unfortunately the tomb was closed. The tourist office in Chiusi has the information regarding opening hours.


From Umbria, Chiusi is easy to reach, especially when you stay in the Trasimeno area or at Città della Pieve. Chiusi is a nice Etruscan city where you can find good restaurants and bars.

-post by Sylvia van der Male-