88 Fortunes Online Slot Review 2021

Do you have a lucky number? Well, if you don’t, it should be the lucky number 8. In many Oriental countries, 8 is commonly their lucky number (1) as it is associated with good luck and luxury. 88 Fortunes is here to show you just how lucky the number 8 is and should be. 

88 Fortunes slot machine consists of 5 reels and 25 paylines. The best thing about this slot is that it has 243 different ways to win and it comes with a sequel Megaways. 

If you’re looking for an Asian themed slot with a number of bonus features, then 88 Fortunes slot is definitely for you. 

  • Great graphics and symbols
  • 243 ways to win
  • Four progressive jackpots
  • Mostly suitable for high roller players

88 Fortunes Slot Symbols and Values 

 If you’re a progressive jackpot fan, then 88 Fortunes is definitely for you. However, let’s start off with the basics first. 88 Fortunes slot machine is a 5-reel slot game with 25 paylines and 243 ways to win. 

The game is set in an Asian setting and it’s very fitting since it is, primarily aimed for the Asian market. However, there is definitely fun for everyone here. The game’s background strengthens its theme since it is full of deep red and gold. 88 Fortunes is loaded with appropriate Oriental symbols including golden turtles, golden gongs, golden ships and golden eagles. Furthermore, you will also see the traditional card value symbols. 

The golden colour is predominant here and due to their colour, the symbols stand out beautifully. 

The golden eagle is the highest paying symbol in the game, paying 10x your bet when matching 5 symbols on the reels. Next up comes the golden ship, the golden turtle, the golden gong and the golden Chinese dollar. The lowest paying symbols are the traditional card values, paying 0.50x your bet when matching 5 symbols on the reels. 

There are 243 ways to win when playing 88 Fortunes slot. All wins pay in any position from left to right on adjacent reels, beginning with the leftmost reel. 

On another note, the gold symbols that are being played are displayed in the Active Symbols Area. Each of the gold symbols are played on alternate sets of reels. 

If you’re interested in getting to know more about different payouts for each symbol, you can check out our paytable below.

Symbol 3 on a Payline 4 on a Payline 5 on a Payline
2x 4x 20x
1x 2x 10x
0.8x 1.6x 8x
0.5x 1x 5x
0.2x 0.4x 2x
0.1x 0.2x 1x
0.1x 0.2x 1x
0.1x 0.2x 1x
0.1x 0.2x 1x

88 Fortunes Jackpot

You’re bound to get lucky with 88 Fortunes as there are four progressive jackpots to choose from. For starters, the Fu Bat is the wild symbol in the game, and it can act as a substitute for all symbols. This symbol appears only on reels 2, 3 and 4. 

When one or more Fu Bat symbol appears, you may be awarded the available jackpot. The number of gold symbols played determines the eligibility for the jackpot wins. If you are eligible for more than one jackpot, you will be taken to a separate screen where 12 coins will appear in front of you. Clicking a coin will reveal the symbol of an available jackpot. When 3 matching symbols have been revealed, the corresponding jackpot will be awarded, and this is where the feature ends. 

However, that’s not all. When playing 88 Fortunes for free or for real money, you can also activate free games. 3, 4 or 5 golden gong symbols on adjacent reels, starting with the leftmost reel, will award you 10 free games. 

The Fu Bat jackpot feature can also be triggered inside the free games. Additional free games may be awarded during the Free Games feature and are added to the remaining free games. 

This feature ends when all the free games have ended. 

88 Fortunes RTP/Volatility

88 Fortunes has an RTP of 96% and a medium volatility. The latter term can be described as 

Volatility, in online gambling, is a term used to assess the risk of losing a bet. In other words, it suggests how rare or often players can expect to win or how big or small they can expect the prizes to be. Slot machines are categorized into three levels of volatility: low, medium and high.

This means that while 88 Fortunes slot game might be attractive for high roller players, it has a medium volatility which makes your chances of winning average. We say that the slot is definitely worth testing your luck to! 

The game’s betting ranges from 0.88 coins to 88.00 coins per spin. This means that you can play the game both at a low and at a high bet. Depending on your bet, you will get a lower or higher chance of cracking the jackpot. The Fu Bat symbol tends to appear with higher bets. 

Play 88 Fortunes on Mobile 

Mobile gambling is becoming more and more popular, especially in today’s day and age (2). People are spending more time on their phone rather than on a desktop computer. For this reason, online casinos are always looking to perfect their mobile casinos and make sure to offer their best games on mobile. 

88 Fortunes is available for play both on desktop and on mobile. This means that you can get lucky or test your luck with the number 8, anywhere and whenever you like. 

Whether you own an iOS device or an Android phone or tablet, you can access 88 Fortunes slot game by downloading the casino app from your app store or by finding the game through your mobile browser. It’s that simple. 

88 Fortunes Sequel 

88 Fortunes was popular so much with all types of players that Bally Technologies had to create a sequel – 88 Fortunes Megaways. In short, this sequel that all the best things about 88 Fortunes the original and makes them better!

88 Fortunes Megaways has 117,689 ways to win in each spin and the game is now made up of 6 reels.

The sequel kept the theme and symbols of the original 88 Fortunes but improved slightly on the design and graphics. If you enjoyed 88 Fortunes, you will enjoy its sequel as it has bigger and better wins. However, we suggest that you get the hang of 88 Fortunes first before betting your real money on Megaways. 88 Fortunes is the best steppingstone to get the hand of its Oriental theme before starting to enjoy its older sister. 

Overall Rating

It’s time to give our overall rating on 88 Fortunes and we’ve based our review on a number of things: user experience, game features, payouts and sounds & visuals. By analysing all these areas of the game, we were able to give a final rating that will help you decide whether you would like to play this slot for real money or for free. Here’s what we think of this slot game.

88 Fortunes: Overall Score

88 Fortunes is quite straightforward and simple to play. The theme is an Oriental one which might be very familiar for most players. To start playing, all you need to do is set your bet and start spinning the reels. 

You can even set this slot on Autoplay. This means that you set the number of times that you would like the reels to spin on their own, and watch the magic happens, while hoping that 8 is really your lucky number! 

The slot game has 243 ways to win and four progressive jackpots! The Fu Bat symbol is the wild symbol in the game and it can act as a substitute for all symbols. In turn, this will trigger a jackpot. Depending on your eligibility, you will either be awarded the jackpot or move on to another one. 

However, that’s not all. 88 Fortunes also comes equipped with free games. Here, you can win up 10 10 free games in which the Fu Bat jackpot feature can also be triggered. 

All in all, 88 Fortunes has a variety of different ways to win and, if you’re lucky enough, you can win a massive prize.

Payouts are relatively high when spinning the reels. The golden eagle is the highest paying symbol in the game, paying 10x your bet when matching 5 symbols on the reels. The lowest paying symbols are the traditional card values, paying 0.50x your bet when matching 5 symbols on the reels. 

88 Fortunes has an RTP of 96% and a medium volatility. The game’s betting ranges from 0.88 coins to 88.00 coins per spin. This means that you can play the game both at a low and at a high bet.

The game is set in an Asian setting and both the background and the symbols fit perfectly with the theme. The symbols are in a golden colour which makes them stand out from the deep red background of the game. 

The audio is very typical of Oriental games as chimes can be heard when spinning the reels.

88 Fortunes is an interesting slot that will appeal to all players, mainly due to its four progressive jackpots. This 5-reel slot has 243 ways to win which makes it more attractive than ever before. With its Oriental theme and exciting free games bonuses, what’s not to love about 88 Fortunes?

If you enjoyed 88 Fortunes, we would highly recommend checking out Bally’s sequel of 88 Fortunes Megaways. Now that you’re warmed up, you can aim high and win big when spinning this sequel’s Megaway reels! 

88 Fortunes FAQs

Where can I play 88 Fortunes for free?

You can play 88 Fortunes for free, right here, on MrGamez.com. All you need to do is search for the game and press Play to start off the demo game.

Can I play 88 Fortunes slot game for real money?

Yes! You can play 88 Fortunes slot game for real money at one of our recommended casino sites. All you need to do is choose your favourite casino from the list and start playing the game.

How do you beat 88 Fortunes?

Unfortunately, slot games are based on luck. There is no trick to beating 88 Fortunes. However, our top tip is to try this slot out for free before playing your real money so that you can get the hang of the game first!

What triggers the closing of the pot in 88 Fortunes slot machine?

88 Fortune slot machine is based on luck. However, we found out that the higher you bet, the closer you are to triggering the jackpot.


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