Visit the antique market in Arezzo, Tuscany

Every first Sunday of the month and the Saturday of the same weekend there is a large antique fair in the old town centre of Arezzo in Tuscany. Arezzo is only 40 minutes driving from Lake Trasimeno in Umbria and worth a visit on any day.


For many people Arezzo became known due to the heart breaking movie of Roberto Begnini  “La Vita è bella“.

It has a long history dating back to Etruscan times : already in the 9th century b.C. there was an Etruscan city. In Roman times Arezzo was a flourishing city and it mantained its importance throughout the centuries due to its strategic position along the Via Cassia at the foot of the Apennines.

Nowadays Arezzo is a lovely little town which comes to live every first Sunday of the month when the antique market is held. This antique fair already started in the sixties of the last century. Ivan Bruschi, a cultivated man and passionate antique collectionist, started this initiative and to this day a fund in his name promotes culture and antique in this Tuscan city.

When you are in the area of Lake Trasimeno, Arezzo certainly is worth the detour.

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Here you can read more about the Lake Trasimeno area with some suggestions of where to stay.

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