Torta di Pasqua, typical Umbrian Easter bread

On Good Friday I assisted the local cake designer when she made the traditional Umbrian Easter bread. This tasty bread which is mixed with cheese is typically eaten on Easter Sunday with raw ham, salami and (blessed!) eggs.

I had a great time assisting Katia behind her lovely little shop where she makes the most wonderful cakes and pastries. If you come to Umbria and have something to celebrate, this is the address for a festive cake!

The tradition of the Umbrian Easter bread goes back for more then a century and was seen as a delicacy. It is made with quite a few ingredients that at the time most people could not afford. Hence why this was made only for a special occasion like Easter. On Saturday streets would be filled with its delicious smell and at Easter itself people enjoyed this special treat.

To this day the tradition is kept alive and people also give this bread as a present. Our neighbour already came by and gave us a still luke warm Easter bread.

I found a recipe in English, so if you would like to try this Umbrian delicacy go ahead and check out the recipe at Italian Food Forever.

Happy Easter to all of you!


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