Visit Foligno and the cathedral San Feliciano

Foligno is in the province of Perugia, and is one of the largest cities in Umbria with its  50.000 residents. Foligno is centrally located and hence ideal to explore the region of Umbria. From Foligno you are at a stone’s throw from Perugia, Assisi, Bevagna or Montefalco.

Foligno is an important commercial and industrial city. It does not have the flair of an medieval city like Spello or Spoleto, but it has a certain elegance that I really like. Foligno has a lot to offer and is not a touristic city at all. You can find nice restaurants and bars in the city center, lots of shops and a cinema in the centre of town.

Foligno was built in the valley which makes it a convenient city for wheelchair users and bicycles.

Unfortunately Foligno suffered during the earthquake in 1997, which did quite a bit of damage to this city, though much of it has now been restored.

Every year in Foligno is the pasta event I Primi d’Italia. One can taste over 100 types of Italian pasta and risotto dishes. It is worth visiting this event, very interesting and good atmosphere. I wrote a blog about this event in 2014.

My favorite coffee bar is Bar Centrale at the Piazza della Repubblica. The view from the window towards the Duomo and over the Piazza is fantastic. Shops and restaurants are around the corner.

At the Piazza della Repubblica is the Duomo di San Feliciano. The Duomo features an enormous rose window over its main entrance, flanked by two smaller rose windows. The Duomo is built in honor of San Feliciano, Foligno’s patron saint. One can admire the beautiful silver statue of Saint Feliciano inside the church.



-post by Sylvia van der Male-

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