Three day Quote Challenge Day 2

I really like this challenge! Thank you again for nominating us. Now it is my turn to publish an Italian Quote.

This is very appropriate to Italians: “A meal without wine is a day without sunshine”.

Wine Tuscany

Gattavecchi wine

This quote is from Anthelme Brillat Savarin.

Drinking wine is an Italian ritual for any meal, lunch or dinner. It is an approved beverage like drinking water with your meal.

I have chosen for this picture of the Quotidiano wine. Quotidiano means “daily”. On the bottle you see a label with news in Italy from 100 years ago. This is a beautiful wine project by the Gattavecchi winery in Montepulciano, Tuscany. The meaning of the Quotidiano wine is to bring wine culture and art together in one bottle. This wine is a good “vino da tavola” and ideal to combine with every meal.

Wine should be consumed in moderation of course : bevi consapevole, brinda “alla salute”. (Drink consciously and toast to good health.)

I love Italian wine with my meal, you? Do you drink wine every day with lunch or dinner, or only at special occasions?

As Saskia wrote in the previous blog, quote of day 1, I will nominate three bloggers on the last day. Stay tuned for the third quote!

-post by Sylvia van der Male-

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