Three day quote challenge

We’re taking up on the three day quote challenge from Ishita, Italophilia. Thanks for nominating us!

Since we live in Umbria in the Lake Trasimeno area, I thought it would be appropriate to start the challenge with a quote from Lord Byron who has travelled through Italy and also passed by at “our” lake. Even in our small village there is a “Via Byron” to commemorate this fact. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to find the original quote in English, though the Italian translation can be found anywhere when searching for Lord Byron and Lake Trasimeno:

“Trasimeno, il suo lago è un velo argenteo.”

I’d translate this as “Trasimeno, its lake is a silvery veil.” At times the lake indeed seems to have a silvery veal.


Reading about Lord Byron and his escape to Italy I found this quote though, that illustrates Italy very well:

“…and now, fair Italy! Thou are the garden of the world…”

This is so true: driving through Italy one often feels like driving through an enormous park or garden.

With the quote challenge, I am supposed to nominate three bloggers for each day. Let’s change that to nominating three bloggers on the last day of our three quotes. I suppose that is not going to harm the chain of quotes?

Mind, nobody is obliged to follow up on the nomination.

I hope you enjoyed today’s quote.

– post by Saskia van der Bolt –

4 thoughts on “Three day quote challenge

  1. imachia says:

    Far other scene is Thrasimene now;
    Her lake a sheet of silver, and her plain
    Rent by no ravage save the gentle plough;
    Her aged trees rise thick as once the slain
    Lay where their roots are; but a brook hath ta’en –
    A little rill of scanty stream and bed –
    A name of blood from that day’s sanguine rain;
    And Sanguinetto tells ye where the dead
    Made the earth wet, and turned the unwilling waters red.

    ‘Childe Harold’

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