Winter in Umbria

It is winter in Umbria and very quiet indeed. Many shops in Castiglione del Lago are closed until Carnival, or even until the end of February. My home town is semi deserted now. During the weekly market there are less stalls, many stay at home because of the colder weather. Fortunately my fruit and vegetable stall from Cortona, and my chicken stall from Montepulciano are always there!


La vita quotidiana, daily life continues, we work, I run and meet up with friends. Ever since I live in Castiglione del Lago I run with the Athletic Association of Castiglione del Lago “Filippide”. I made some friends out there, as you may already know from my previous blogs.

We meet for a pizza, a training or just for a simple appetizer. Last time we had dinner at home with friends. I took Dutch cheese and a typical soup from our country: Erwtensoep, a pea soup. It was a great succes!

Though we are all sportive people, we absolutely love a glass of wine or a beer. During every dinner or lunch my friends always choose a good wine like a Brunello di Montalcino, a Chianti or a Nobile. Living in Italy means being spoiled with quality food and quality wine… After dinner we often take a digestive and a coffee with pure chocolate.

Winter hasn’t finished yet. It is still January and cold in Umbria. Secretly I already look forward to spring …


-post by Sylvia van der Male-

3 thoughts on “Winter in Umbria

  1. Hi Sylvia, a quick question. We were thinking of visiting the areas of Montefalco / Bevagna or even further up in Assisi, would you say that every place is dead quiet at this time of year in Umbria? When would life pick up again? Just trying to plan some time off 🙂


    • Hi Graziella, maybe now in the weekend Assisi, Montefalco, Perugia etc. will be more visited. But during the week everywhere you go it is very quiet.. Maybe less quiet in Perugia and Terni (two cities). I live in Castiglione del Lago, close to Montepulciano. Even Montepulciano is semi deserted in this period. Imagine the small hamlets in Umbria. Shops, restaurants etc. are closed at this moment. Even until Carnival. Maybe at the end of March, April when it is getting a bit warmer and the people plan weekends in Umbria! Enjoy 🙂

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