Eurochocolate in Perugia “da leccarsi i baffi”

Eurochocolate in Perugia Umbria is one of the most important chocolate events in Italy. It is a walhalla for “chocoholics” like me 🙂

Every year in October Perugia is transformed into a chocolate city. Perugia is not only famous because of its university but also for its production of the famous “Baci” (kisses) Perugina. The chocolat factory and its museum are just outside the city centre, along the Viale San Sisto. Perugina chocolate is famous in Italy, you don’t need to go to Perugia to taste this hazelnut chocolate, everywhere you go you find them. In supermarkets, tabacchi, bars, anywhere.




Eurochocolate started in 1994 and is a great succes, every year. This event is dedicated to national and international chocolate traditions. The streets and squares in the historical centre are filled with a million visitors. At the stands the people are keen to see, smell and taste anything and everything that has to do with chocolate. There are also exhibitions that explain the history of chocolate. This year the theme is #mustachoc “Da leccarsi i Baffi”. Baffi means mustache, that’s the symbol of this year’s Eurochocolate 2015. Da Leccarsi i Baffi means mouth watering.


On the main square of Perugia, IV Novembre you’ll find the huge chocolate mustache. This sculpture has been made by professionally skilled sculptors.


During this event it is not possible to go up by car. You are more or less forced to take the Minimetro to the city centre or one of the shuttle busses.

If you would like to purchase chocolate or chocolate souvenirs online you can visit this website: Chocostore. A store originally from Perugia, Umbria. But nowadays you find them everywhere in Italy.




If you are in Umbria in October, don’t forget to visit this amazing event. It takes place from October 16 till October 25, 2015.

-Post by Sylvia van der Male-

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