Woodcraft in Orvieto

Yesterday I visited the Villa Attigliano and like before I was impressed by the woodcraft they used for their doors, kitchens and other details. It is lovely handwork, very stylish and locally made by craftsmen in Orvieto.


detailvillaattiglianoumbria-5 detailvillaattiglianoumbria-2

Orvieto is known for its crafts, not only woodwork, but also ceramics, textile and more. This already dates back to Etruscan times when many household objects, as well as objects of art were produced. The rediscovered artifacts, now exposed in musea, are witness of a highly developed craftsmanship. In medieval times the craftsmen united themselves in guilds divided by their specialties. Nowadays this tradition of craftsmanship is still vivid in Orvieto. From textile, to ceramics, to leather and much more.  There is a little alleyway in the centre not far from the Duomo that has been renamed Via degli Artigiani – Craftsmen road. The original name was Via de’ Magoni.


The fantastic woodwork I admired at the Villa Attigliano can also be seen in the Bottega Gualverio Michelangeli in the Via Michelangeli, in the centre of Orvieto.



Rebecca Winke wrote a lovely and very informative blog about this bottega. We also follow the blog of Toni de Bella “Orvieto or Bust“. She wrote a few blogs about the artisans in Orvieto, all very informative. Thanks to both for all the interesting blog posts!

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