Villa Ecologica and Reiki treatment

The day I am writing this is Tuesday June the 2nd, a public holiday in Italy: the day of the Republic, in Italian “Festa della Repubblica”. For many Italians this is a long weekend including both Monday and Tuesday. Many shops and offices are closed.

Like many Italians I had a day out yesterday and visited the Villa Ecologica, an elegant villa with swimming pool in the Umbrian nature. The owner is Elisabetta. She lives together with her son and husband in a separate house on the same premises. Also on the same premises is the Appartamento Olmo overlooking the valley towards Spoleto.






Villa Ecologica has much more to offer than just a holiday in Spoleto. Elisabetta is a Reiki Master and gives, if guests are interested, Reiki treatments and Reiki workshops to her guests. She is doing Reiki for over 20 years now.

I was invited by Elisabetta for a private Reiki session. Normally I never meditate or do breathing techniques, running is my therapy. But this time I decided to do this Reiki experience trying to be open minded to all things new.


First Elisabetta explained what Reiki was. It is a spiritual healing art, a hands on body healing. It is a technique to remove negative energy and emotions. Reiki energy flows from the practitioners hands into the body of the client and you also infuse your body with positive energy by belly breathing. By breathing out you release yourself and you breath out the negative energy.


I was laying, fully clothed, on a massage table. First she checked my “aura” by a crystal necklace. The best treatments for me at that moment were the shoulders, breast and belly area. During the session I felt like being away for a while. The only thing I heard was nature and bird whistling. It helped, maybe that sounds silly for me, but I felt more relaxed after the session. And now when I am sitting here and writing this about Elisabetta and the Reiki treatment I can only say that I can recommend it to everybody. It helps, I am convinced. And besides, Elisabetta is a pleasant person. The only thing you need to do is breath and let go. The rest of the work is up to the practitioner.

It was a sunny day yesterday in Umbria, and I took advantage by walking along the property and eating some biological cherries from the garden…




– post by Sylvia van der Male –

7 thoughts on “Villa Ecologica and Reiki treatment

  1. I read this post because I will be in Umbria in 3 weeks…then smiled even bigger because I too am a Reiki Master. I’m glad you had the opportunity to experience it! And thanks for the photos of Umbria!


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