eBiking in Umbria

What a great experience! E-biking!


I know, I’m a bit behind. You probably have already known the pleasures of riding an eBike, but I hadn’t even heard of it until recently. Near to where I live an eBike rental company has opened its doors. Matteo Baffi, whose family owns the holiday rental Il Camino, is involved with this new activity. Hence why we got the invitation to come along for a test ride.

The bikes are of excellent quality, trekker eBikes and for the more daring also two mountain eBikes. As a complete novice I was astonished that I actually managed to drive up a serious mountain (of which there are many in Umbria). With my own bike I hardly manage to do the first 10 meters up. You have to cycle, but it is as if somebody gives you a little push all the time. It is ideal for people who like to do open air activity and are relatively sportive, but certainly not top athletes.

It is a very pleasant way to discover the green countryside of Umbria.

These eBikes are being rented by Inspired Italy in collaboration with BRS – Baffi residential services. The address is:
Piazza della Repubblica 10
06060 Lisciano Niccone (PG)

From here one can do a day trip to or even around Lake Trasimeno, towards Umbertide and Montone in Umbria or to Cortona in Tuscany.


The costs for renting an eBike are:
1 day @ Euro 75.
3 days or a weekend @ euro 190.
7 days @ euro 375.
Inclusive is the helmet, your own water bottle to take home, fully charged battery 30-110 miles range and battery charger.

For information and reservations go to the website of Inspired Italy. They speak English.

It is quite possible that they will also organise guided tours in the near future, for small groups only. Keep following this blog or our social media if you like to receive information about these eBike tours.



– Posted by Saskia van der Bolt –

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