Visiting Casale Marsciano in Umbria

Casale Marsciano used to be an old farm in Umbria. In 1995 the owner and his father bought this farm to rebuilt it into an elegant and beautiful private holiday rental with garden and swimming pool. The villa is centrally situated in Umbria and only a few km from Marsciano. MarscianoUmbria6 Guests from Villa in Umbria stayed 10 days in this beautifully renovated house. It is an ideal place for a couple that appreciate their privacy, but it is also an excellent location for families with children, or for groups. There are three bedrooms and three bathrooms. There is enough space for everybody. The guests were friends of mine. I was invited to stay with them in the villa for a couple of days. The weather was excellent. What a luxury, an unexpected holiday at a short distance from home! MarscianoUmbria4 MarscianoUmbria5 We had an appetizer with Marco, the owner and his family. He is a real “Marscianese” D.O.C.  and told us the story behind the villa Marsciano. From 1995 until 2007 they rebuilt it into an elegant and luxurious private villa with pool. Also the grounds around the house belong to the family. He would like to build a tennis court or a small football, but in Italy this means years of bureaucracy and a lot of patience. Since 2008 the villa is rented to tourists. Marco is married with Angela. She is from Deruta, a small village in Umbria known for its ceramics. They have two children, Chiara the eldest and Francesco the youngest. Their names recall the famous saints of Assisi Saint Clare and Saint Francis. MarscianoUmbria8 MarscianoUmbria9 Marco is a cyclist, he likes doing sport and he knows Umbria very well. Every week he cycles about 300 km in the green hills. Wauw! He also participates in bike races in Umbria, Tuscany, Le Marche and Lazio. Besides doing sports and renting the house, he works fulltime for the municipality of Marsciano. Of course I’ve asked the owner Marco where to eat typical Umbrian food. Like pasta “Umbricelli” with truffle, or the classical antipasto with cold cuts, different kinds of cheeses and bruschette. He advised us to go to Restaurant Rosatelli. We went there twice! The food is outstanding and also the service is very professional. Good wines and excellent pasta. The restaurant is just outside the centre of Marsciano. A good tip from a local! MarscianoUmbria10 MarscianoUmbria12 My friends have had a lovely time at Casale Marsciano. They enjoyed the house and the pool, but also having an appetizer with the owner and his family was a nice experience. Stay tuned for a next episode visiting one of the holiday homes on our website, presenting its owner and maybe getting some good advice about where to go in the immediate area.

– post by Sylvia van der Male-

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