Spring in Umbria

I am training for the Rotterdam marathon. I need to run long distances in this period. It is important that I follow my training schedule before running the marathon as well as eat and rest properly. With work and other responsibilities this is not always easy but I like it and I love running.

The winter months in Umbria were cold and wet and I do not like running at all in these conditions. I’m the typical good weather addict. Especially when the infamous “tramontana” comes up it is hard to get out of the door for a run. The tramontana is a strong and cold wind from the Alps and Apennines. This wind almost blows you away! There is nobody taking “a stroll” along the lake, only a few kite surfers who love flying and surfing on the lake.

A couple of weeks ago it felt like Spring. I was in Tuoro sul Trasimeno and I ran a big part of the famous route of “Hannibal”. This route is about 8-9 km. In this area Hannibal fought against the Romans in 217 before Christ and won the battle. Who doesn’t know Hannibal? He was the man who crossed the Alps with his elephants.

This route is amazing! You can also walk there or go by bike. Here you find the directions.

At home in Castiglione del Lago I saw people having lunch outside on a terrace from the restaurant “La Cantina”. From there you have a stunning view over the lake. It is pleasant eating outside for lunch, now that the temperatures are getting warmer and without the tramontana.

We all look forward to the Summer!

Castiglione-del-Lago LagoTrasimeno

– Posted by Sylvia van der Male –

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