Cinghiale in umido

Last weekend I had guests for dinner and prepared “Cinghiale in umido”, wild bore stew, which is always a success. Now, you think where does she get wild bore from? Well, at the moment it is hunting season here and the hunt for wild bore is quite popular. There are many wild bores in the hills surrounding us and we know the leader of one of these hunting groups. Whether we like it or not, we often get wild bore meat. Luckily it is already nicely cleaned and cut in small pieces.


Years ago I got the recipe from one of my neighbors. There are many ways to prepare the wild bore and I also added a bit of my own taste. I’d like to share the recipe with you just in case you would want to try a typically Umbrian recipe.

About 24 hours before cooking I prepare a marinade and start with cutting some carrot, onion and celery in chunks, not very small. Parsley and other herbs from the garden (rosemary, laurel, sage, oregano), salt, hot pepper or peppercorn, some garlic. The quantity is your own choice, but you can safely be abundant with these ingredients. I also add ginger, cloves, vinegar (balsamico or red wine). These are my own ideas because I think it adds to a good flavor of the meat. With this all I mix the meat and add red wine. This is a cheap red wine, the better wine I leave for the dinner. All ingredients are drenched in the wine.


24 hours later, about 2 hours before the dinner starts, I take the meat out of the marinade, cut some onion which I bake in some olive oil and butter, add the meat and a stock cube. I sieve the marinade and keep the wine without the other ingredients. This wine is added bit by bit to the meat which will stove for almost 2 hours. If necessary water can be added. It is important that the meat does not dry out. About half an hour before the end of the cooking time I add some chopped black olives and chopped tomatoes. Leave it for a while and when the meat falls from the bone it is ready to serve.

cinghiale4 cinghiale3

I serve this with mashed patatos. This time I added broccoli to the patatos, hence the colour you see on the picture. Italians often eat this just with some bread and a side dish.


Buon appetito!

– posted by Saskia van der Bolt –

4 thoughts on “Cinghiale in umido

  1. imachia says:

    If you want some of those cinghiale, come up the hills and shoot some. They are living in my garden….. (those hunters weren’t very good this year!)


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