Montefalco, the balcony of Umbria

Dutch friends of mine came to Umbria and stayed at the apartment Olmo near Spoleto. A lovely place to spend some days in Umbria.

It had been a while that we saw each other and we decided to catch up and meet in Montefalco. We tasted some typical Umbrian wine, like the Montefalco Rosso, the white Grechetto and the red Sagrantino! Sagrantino di Montefalco wine is made of 100% Sagrantino grapes and only produced in this area, a typically Umbrian wine of great quality.



For the wine tasting we went to the cantina Colle Ciocco. Lamberto Spacchetti is the owner of Colle Ciocco. I know him since I came to Umbria for the first time, about 20 years ago. The family Spacchetti makes very good wines and delicious olive oil.

Montefalco is known as the “balcony of Umbria”. It is a very beautiful medieval walled town. From the village you have breathtaking views of the Umbrian landscape. At the Piazza del Comune there is a restaurant which I like very much: L’Alchimista. Three years ago I was there with Dutch friends for a cooking course. Patrizia is the chef of L’Alchimista. She taught us how to make gnocchi and “piccione cotto in forno” – dove cooked in the oven. The menu is mainly based on seasonal and biological products. She told us that she never buys products in a supermarket and indeed one can taste the difference with anything you order in this restaurant.

At walking distance from the city centre of Montefalco we rent beautiful apartments with swimming pool.






– posted by Sylvia van der Male –

4 thoughts on “Montefalco, the balcony of Umbria

  1. tracey steeno says:

    Two years ago I visited Colle Ciocco and fell in love. The hospitality, the wine, the oil; Heaven! I flew some home to the US and have been wanting more ever since I ran out. Hmmm?! I wonder if they will ship it to me again?

    Thanks for mentioning about this delicious gem!


      • tracey steeno says:

        I would love it if you bridged the gap for me. I am willing to work with Lamberto on my own; but I was unsure if English to Italian would be an issue. When I did a wine tasting and had my goods sent home the individual did not speak English and a few friends did the translations (my Italian is very poor!). I loved the fact that they spoke Italian!! It made the experience even better for some reason; more authentic… does that make sense?

        Anyway, if you would speak to them and I will follow whatever needs to be done after that. A million thank-yous!


      • Hi Tracey, I will contact Lamberto! He will be very glad hearing from you again. For further details and information I will send you an email. Regards from Umbria 🙂 Ciao ciao!


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