A visit to Holland with my Italian friends

A few weeks ago I was with friends of mine from Umbria and Tuscany in Amsterdam, for the (half) marathon. The weather was fine, about 18 degrees, which is quite uncommon for October in Holland! Only on the marathon day itself it was cold, rainy and windy…. but it was fun anyway and the course was fantastic.

Obviously I had organized some very Dutch experiences for my Italian friends.

We slept a few nights in a Bed and Breakfast close to the Olympic Stadium in Amsterdam, just outside the city centre. The Bed and Breakfast offered us free city bikes to go to the city centre. A great experience for my italian friends: cycling in Amsterdam!


I love going by bike in Amsterdam. It is an easy way to explore the city. The traffic is a bit chaotic in Amsterdam with its small canals. But if you are used to it, as we Dutch are, you always prefer taking the bike rather then traveling by bus or tram. And even if it rains it does not matter, though for my italian friends quite uncommon!

The day after the marathon I took my Italian friends to Volendam. A small village not far from Amsterdam, very typically Dutch. We participated in a cheese making workshop at the Simonehoeve farm. Making typical Dutch cheese. I had never done it before, let alone my italian friends.

I must say, the cheese tasted very good. And also our typical Dutch fish lunch was delicious: white bread with herring, onions and mackerel. It was a very Dutch experience for my italian friends. Look at us here:








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